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How to Earn Free Bitcoins Online: 12 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins For Free

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Last Updated on 05/11/2021 by Deepak Singla

You might be familiar with cryptocurrency and the first and foremost cryptocurrency unit, i.e. bitcoins. As of now, bitcoin is one of the most trending search terms in Google. If you are rummaging through the internet trying to find out how to earn bitcoins, then you are at the right place.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be accessed virtually only and has no physical form. It was introduced first in 2008 and was defined as a type of electronic cash with no middle man involved in the transaction.

Turns out, there are several easy and legit ways to safely earn bitcoins with little to no risk involved. Keep reading to find out the 12 best methods of earning free bitcoins!

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 12 Tried And Tested Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins

1. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining requires you to solve complex mathematical problems that will reward you with new bitcoins. This procedure can be tough and requires a lot of hard work from your end. Not only do you need to be an expert at it but also lucky.

Moreover, you might also need expensive computer systems to work out the problems. A lot of laymen hire bitcoin miners to do the hard work on their behalf. This is an expensive and risky method, so go for it only if you have the resources to spare.

2. Take Part in Surveys

Taking surveys is a good way to earn free bitcoins. You will find many companies and websites online that will offer you such opportunities to take surveys. You will have to answer questions that will in turn help the companies with market research. One of the best websites for survey opportunities is Time Bucks. Here you will be able to choose what kind of surveys you want to take.

Moreover, you can also earn bitcoins here by watching videos, installing apps, playing games, voting, and so on. They have a referral program as well that helps you earn a percentage of your referral’s earnings.

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3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and easiest ways to earn online. Turns out, it works fine for earning bitcoins as well. You just need to sign up with a bitcoin affiliate website and they will pay you in bitcoins as per the leads you generate.

Let’s talk about this in more details:

Go to a bitcoin affiliate website of your choice and sign-up for an affiliate program. Now, they will provide you with a unique affiliate link that redirects to their product or service. Every time, someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase you will receive 10% of what it costs in the form of bitcoins.

Some websites even offer up to 50% compensation and there are tons of such affiliate websites to choose from like Coinase, Trezor, Ledger, etc. Do make use of this method to earn bitcoins for free because it involves the least risk. However, you have to give in a considerable amount of hard work to earn a high profit.

4. Blogging About Cryptocurrency

There is a number of blogging sites out there that will pay you bitcoins if you agree to write for them. This is a great way to earn bitcoins while enhancing your knowledge in the domain. Also, it’s a popular way to earn bitcoins since more and more people are keen to know about the subject.

Ethereum, Ripple, Coinality are some of the numerous blogs where you can contribute your cryptocurrency insights. If you already are a blogger, then this is the perfect way to use your creativity and knowledge to earn bitcoins.

5. Bitcoin Faucets

First things first, earning bitcoins via faucets could seem quite tedious but still, it is a feasible way to earn bitcoins. So, what are bitcoin faucets? These are certain websites that will pay you for clicking on ads. You get paid in fractions of bitcoins.

Generally, you will be paid around 25 to 100 satoshis for every ad click. One bitcoin can be earned if you have made 100 million satoshis. This is rather a slow method of earning bitcoins and you need ample patience along with hard work for the same. Also, it is not a risky method.

6. Lending Bitcoins

Bitcoins do not really require any third-person to be present while transaction. So, if you think that you have some extra bitcoins, then you can lend them out. This will allow you to make money from the same in the form of interest. Here are some of the trustworthy bitcoin lending sites: BlockFi, Unchained capital, etc.

7. Gambling Bitcoins

Gambling anything involves a good amount of risk and it’s the same with bitcoins too. There a several gambling sites that will reward you with bitcoins if you end up winning. If you are good at online gambling, then it might work out for you. However, it’s better to choose the safe route.

Beware of the gambling sites that are dangerous and not authentic. Here are some authentic and trustworthy bitcoin gambling sites for your reference: Bitstarz and 7BitCasino.

8. Reading to Earn Bitcoins

Do you like reading books? If yes, then here is an opportunity to earn bitcoins by reading books. All the book geeks gather around because websites like PaidBooks will pay you in bitcoins to read classics books. So, make use of your free time to earn fractions of bitcoins.

9. Trading Bitcoins

Trading bitcoins invites higher risk but ends up giving you much higher returns. What this means is that you will be buying bitcoins at a certain price and then sell it to someone at a higher price. You need to have a good understanding of cryptocurrency to succeed in this one.

Along with knowledge, the experience is also necessary. If you are someone who bought bitcoins years ago, then by now, the prices must have hiked. So, selling them now would give you a huge amount of profit. Here are a couple of bitcoin trading websites: Coinbase, eToro, etc.

10. Running Campaigns on Bitcoin Forums

Bitcoins have gained immense popularity all over the world by now. There are millions of people who regularly engage in discussions about bitcoins. So, there are several forums to make that possible. One such forum is Bitcointalk where you are allowed to run a signature campaign that will earn you a considerable amount of money.

You can also post consistently on Bitcointalk to garner a good following. This will earn you sponsored signatures and these sponsors will pay you in bitcoins for uploading content. Earning bitcoins via running a signature campaign is comparatively less risky and does not need much effort. However, you do need to be consistent and participate regularly.

11. Online Gaming

If you are a gaming addict or love playing games online, then this is a great and fun way to earn bitcoins for free. You can play both computer and mobile games to earn bitcoins. There are lots of websites that offer this service to you but you might have to encounter one too many ads while playing.

12. Do Odd Jobs To Earn Bitcoins

There are several websites online that will pay you in bitcoins to retweet their posts, place likes, comments, take surveys, etc. You can find such odd jobs to earn free bitcoins at sites like BitcoinGet, Bitfortip, and so on.

 Precautions To Take While Looking For Free Bitcoins

Several people on the internet wish to earn bitcoins for free. While a lot of them do use unethical ways and often con other people to rob them. We have provided you with several ethical ways to earn bitcoins. But, you need to be careful while earning free bitcoins because several fraudulent people are waiting on the internet to take advantage of you.

Given below are some of the risks you need to be wary of while earning free bitcoins:

1. Cybertheft

Cybertheft is online thieves trying to steal or hack into your wallet. This can happen a lot during bitcoin mining. So, your wallet key needs to be as secure as possible. Another point to keep in mind is that if you forget your wallet key, then it will become almost impossible to get it back or change it.

2. Frauds

You must be aware of all the ads running on bitcoin websites that sound too good to be true. Rule them out and don’t fall prey to them because these are mostly non-genuine.

3. Bitcoin Withholding

At times, the bitcoin mining pool hides certain parts of a problem. Now, the miners would get nothing despite working hard on a problem. So, watch out for such withholding of bitcoins.

4. Buyer Protection

Make sure you choose authentic sites only for bitcoin earning. The reason is that when you pay via bitcoins, the transaction is irreversible. And some people may take advantage of you and not provide you with the promised products.

 Final Words

This article tells you how to earn free bitcoins. We have researched a lot and brought the 12 best ways of earning bitcoins for free. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity by the day and it will be beneficial for you to know more about the first form of cryptocurrency, i.e. bitcoins.