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4 Major Reasons To Choose PNB Housing Loan

Home Loan Loan

It is everyone’s dream to build themselves and their families a lovely home that they can call their own—a place to create happy memories and cherish them for a lifetime.

However, it is not always easy to gather the funds required just by saving. In such a situation, it is lovely to find ways to finance the building of the house. Still, since the loan amount is generally high, one must do proper research on their finances and the options available before committing.

PNB Housing aims to make this dream achievable by offering Home Loan services that cater to all kinds of customers.

If you have already checked the eligibility criteria to apply for PNB Home Loan, here are 4 Reasons Why you should apply for PNB Home loan is the right decision:

  • A Trusted Partner

Boasting over 30 years of expertise in the industry, with a nationwide presence across almost all major cities in India, thriving on the back of a large and trusting customer base, PNB Home Loans has mastered tailoring its services specific to your budget.

Whether it is Home Renovation, building, or buying, PNB Housing will seamlessly assist you through its efficient and easy housing loan systems with customized eligibility loan programs that make sure each customer’s needs are catered to. Use the home loan calculator to calculate your interest rates beforehand.

  • Economically Viable

If you apply for PNB Home Loan, you will get some of the lowest interest rates starting at 6.75% pa. for salaried and self-employed individuals. At the same time, PNB Housing offers long-term loans for up to 30 years to allow customers to pay low EMIs. A long tenure coupled with such low-interest rates means that the home loan repayment becomes substantially more straightforward.

On top of that, PNB Home Loans charges minimal processing fees. While most lenders charge up to 1-2% of the loan amount, PNB Housing charges only 0.5%. Moreover, you won’t have to pay any Pre-payment or foreclosure charges for PNB Home Loan.

Another reason to apply for PNB Home Loan is that they make things easier on the financial front is by financing up to 90% of the property value (which is subject to change depending upon the loan amount), which implies that you can be on your way to securing your dream home by arranging just 10% of the total home value on your own. 

You can easily estimate your total loan amount, interest rates, tenure, and your EMIs by using PNB Housing’s home loan calculator.

  • Easy and Helpful Process

PNB Home Loans makes it a point to assist its customers during the entire loan application process. A dedicated Relationship Manager is always one call away, ready to help the customer whenever and wherever required.

They offer personalized doorstep services with customizable eligibility programs that ensure all customers have a hassle-free experience and are always available for post-disbursement services through the customer care portal at their site.

The application process for the PNB Home Loan process can also be easily done online through the Ace Portal, which is a digitalized customer onboarding platform where processes such as end-to-end loan onboarding process, loan information collection, information verification, documentation, and video KYC can be carried out without any problems.

Moreover, tools such as Home Loan Calculator, have been designed keeping the customer’s convenience in mind. 

  • Beyond Home Loans 

PNB Home Loans believes in supporting its customers to the very end. After you apply for PNB Home loan, you can also opt for quick loans on Home Renovations, Home Extensions, Residential Land purchases, etc. 

In the event of rising costs or the need for a secondary loan on the same property during the loan period, PNB Housing offers a Loan Enhancement option on the home loan.

PNB Home Loans cares about its customer’s financial safety and also provides a Loan Insurance option that will be helpful in the event of any mishap or, unfortunate, during the repayment of the loan. With the customer’s interests and convenience in mind, PNB Home loans have paired up with many insurance companies that provide the best-in-class products and services.


The reasons mentioned above clearly indicate why one of the best decisions one can make to achieve the perfect home is to Apply for PNB Home Loan. With its ease of repayment, hassle-free processes, excellent customer care practices, and added value propositions, PNB Housing is easily one of the top home loan providers across the nation.