Best apps for earning money while in college

5 Best Apps for Students to Make Money While in College!

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Last Updated on 09/01/2024 by Pardeep Garg

Every student wants some pocket amount during their college lives. Whether it is to have fun with friends or to buy your next smartphone, or even for covering your education fees, even students need money. However, at the age of entering college, students are now too old to ask for money from their parents for everything. Thus, working hard and earning your salary while doing simple tasks is every student’s dream job! This article is going to tell you apps where students can start making their income without any hassles!

1.  FieWin:

Young people love to play games, but if there was a way to earn money while doing so? FieWin makes you play small minigames such as snake, ludo, carrom, and cricket and if you win the games, you are able to earn cash for it. After earning only 31 rupees you are able to withdraw that money. The appeal of this app is that it is simple and can be done by anyone. The gaming aspect of it also makes it very fun and appealing. Although it is not found on Google Play Store, you can directly download the app from their website.

2.  Dream 11:

Yes, we’ve all seen ads of Dream 11 while watching IPL matches, but what many people do not know is that by playing Fantasy Cricket on Dream 11 you can actually win real money! The app is very simple, you create a fantasy team to play the match, and you are given points based on the real-world performance of the teams and the players in the matches. By winning games and earning a set number of points you can convert them to rupees and withdraw them easily. There is some element of risk involved in playing Fantasy Cricket so be prepared. Similar to FieWin the app is not found on the Play Store and needs to be downloaded separately.

3.  Internshala:

All of these previous apps work on one or more indirect methods of earning money. However, the real value of money is only understood when you work hard for it. Internshala provides paid and unpaid internships to students who sign up for it. There are actually many benefits of doing an internship during one’s student life. Firstly, in most cases, you will get a sum of money as your stipend for working. Secondly, the work experience and real-world understanding you gain from an internship are unparalleled and help you a lot in transitioning to a workplace environment. And lastly, by doing internships, you can add more credibility to your Resumé. By showcasing your relevant work experience in various fields you position yourself as a value addition to the prospective employers at the time of hiring. So internships are a great way not to just earn some extra bucks, but they also help towards polishing your career in the future.

4.  Fiverr:

Lastly, we have another application where you are paid for the work you do. Unlike Internshala, Fiverr is a platform for actual jobs. These kinds of service marketplaces are especially useful for talented or skilled individuals who want to work as freelancers. On Fiverr, you can do work as a painter, graphics designer, coder, content writer, voice actor, or even video editor. There are a huge variety of gigs to be found on Fiverr as it has many customers as well. But the biggest benefit of Fiverr is that because you are able to charge market rates, you can quickly multiply your possible income. Secondly, if you are good at your work, you can start making a huge salary without even being employed in your office. By working freelance, you’re able to balance your work, study, and play at your own leisure.

5.  Chegg Study:

Chegg is a very similar website to Fiverr where you can put listings for professional work. However, Chegg has a special section called Chegg Study where you can provide online tuitions. Teaching tuition classes to school students is a great exercise for college students, because not only are you earning money for it, but you are also brushing up and staying in touch with your subject knowledge. College students make great teachers for school kids because they can communicate well with them and be relatable.


All of these apps are great options that require varying amounts of effort to be put in. One thing for sure is that putting your time in these apps is useful for students because they are convenient. Because this is your own money, you can earn it in your own time. But remember, earning money in college is only half the part so be sure to learn how to spend wisely as well!