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11 Best Credit Card for Movie Tickets or Entertainment in India 2022

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Last Updated on 26/02/2022 by Deepak Singla

Our generation is filled with movie buffs and enthusiasts. People rush to the movie theatres every time a new Hollywood or Bollywood movie is released. You get the idea, right? Young folks spend a lot of money on movies.

Lately, the prices of movies have been rising, and it becomes quite difficult for people to spend a fortune on them. So, to lower your movie expenses, you can get a credit card for entertainment. With this, you will be able to save a dime on movies without compromising on the experience.

To make the job easier for you, we have prepared a list of the best credit card for movies in India 2022. It contains all you are looking for starting from PVR cards, BookMyShow cards to Carnival cinemas credit card. Pick the one that suits your needs the best to enjoy the next blockbuster at a cheaper price.

List of Top 11 Credit Cards for Movie Tickets in India 2022

Sl. No. Credit Card for Entertainment Joining Fee Annual Fee Interest Rate (per annum)
1. SBI Elite Credit Card INR 4,999 INR 4,999 40.20%
2. HDFC Titanium Times Card INR 500 INR 500 40.80%
3. ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card INR 499 INR 499 40.80%
4. Citibank Cashback Credit Card INR 500 INR 500 37.20% or 42.00%
5. RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card INR 2000 INR 2000 47.88%
6. ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card Nil Nil 29.88%
7. ICICI Coral Credit Card INR 1,000 INR 1,000 40.80%
8. Kotak PVR Platinum Credit Card INR 999 INR 999 40.80%
9. Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card INR 5000 INR 5000 NA
10. HSBC Premier Master Card Nil Nil 29.88%
11. SBI Signature Credit Card INR 4,999 INR 4,999 40.2%


1.     SBI Elite Credit Card

The SBI Elite Credit Card come with great benefits. As the name suggests, it is for the elite class as it has a high fee. It is a perfect credit card for movies that also helps you with your daily benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 free movie tickets from every month which makes it a perfect BookMyShow credit card
  • Free access to international airport lounges worldwide
  • 2 points on every INR 100 spent on fuel.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% when you use the card for making payments


  • The annual charge and the joining fee is INR 4,999

2.     HDFC Titanium Times Card

HDFC Titanium Times Credit Card will provide you with a discount of up to INR 1800 on movies per year. The interest rate could be a bit high for some but totally worth all the benefits you receive.

Features and Benefits

  • Movie discounts worth INR 1800 or more every year
  • Vouchers for shopping, dining, etc. as welcome gist
  • INR 150 spent = 2 reward points
  • Fuel surcharge waiver with a cap of INR 250 every month
  • INR 150 spent on dining = 5 reward points


  • 2 points for every INR 150 spent with the card, which is lower than that offered by other movie cards

3.     ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card

ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card is great for movie lovers. It comes with a discount of INR 100 on your movie tickets two times every year. Besides, the annual charges are affordable as well.

Features and Benefits

  • INR 100 discount on tickets at
  • Enjoy privileges of hotels, lifestyle stores, spas, etc.
  • 1 domestic airport lounge visit per quarter.
  • 3 reward points on every INR 100 spent.


  • You need to have a fixed deposit with the bank to get this card
  • The interest rate needs to be 40.80% which is higher than other credit cards

4.     Citibank Cashback Credit Card

Citibank Cashback Credit Card provides you with several privileges along with movie discounts as well. The joining and annual fee is very low which makes the card very affordable and the best credit card for movies.

Features and Benefits:

  • 5% cashback on movie tickets capped at INR 100 per month
  • 5% cashback on telephone bills
  • 5% cashback on utility bill payments with a cap of INR 100 per month
  • 20% discount at 2000 restaurants in India.


  • The discount on movie tickets provided by Citibank Cashback Credit card is much lower than that provided by other banks

5.     RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card

RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card is excellent to be used for entertainment, dining, etc. It serves you with an array of rewards and benefits at a reasonable fee.

Features and Benefits

  • 8000 reward points as a welcome gift
  • 5X reward points on every INR 100 spent on entertainment, dining, bills, etc.
  • 2 reward points for every INR 100 spent on other expenses
  • 2 visits per year to the domestic lounge at all the major airports in India
  • One complimentary movie ticket of up to INR 200 at on purchasing 2 or more tickers


  • A high-interest rate of 47.88% p.a.


6.     ICICI Instant Platinum

ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card will give you access to an array of benefits. This card keeps providing you with frequent BookMyShow credit card offers. It also provides a high rewards exchange rate and is famous among cardholders as one of the best entertainment credit cards.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2 payback points per INR 100 spent on all purchases
  • INR 100 off on up to 2 movie ticks via BookMyShow every month
  • Gives you access to the Credit Builder Program of ICICI Bank
  • A low-interest rate of 2.49% per month.


  • You need to have a fixed deposit with at least INR 20,000 to open the account

7.     ICICI Coral Credit Card

ICICI Coral Credit Card comes with a lot of lifestyle privileges along with its numerous entertainment benefits. This card is perfect for your movies, shopping and bill payments. Besides, its annual fee is low and affordable.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2 movie tickets worth INR 250 from
  • Annual fee waiver if you spend INR 1,25,000 in a year
  • Culinary treat program of the bank that offers 15% savings on dining bills
  • 4 points on every INR 100 spent on groceries, dining, etc.
  • 2 points on every INR 100 spent on other expenses.


  • The interest rate is quite high at 40.8% per annum

8.     Kotak PVR Credit Card

Kotak PVR Credit Card has some intriguing offers for movie lovers. It gives you 2 free movie tickets every month. The card has a tie-up with PVR cinemas and is the best option you could get with a low annual fee. It also has a Gold variant which is one of the best PVR Gold credit cards you could get your hands on.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 free movie tickets every month if you spend INR 15000 in a billing cycle.
  • Free insurance to cover theft or loss of your credit card
  • Add-on cards available


  • Not many benefits across other categories

9.     Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card

Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card provides you with cashback on almost all categories. That makes it an ultimate and one of the best credit cards for movies. It earns a cashback rate of 3.33% which is great for entertainment lovers.

Features and Benefits:

  • A discount of INR 100 upon a booking of movie tickets worth INR 300 on BookMyShow.
  • Rewards: 5 points for every INR 150 spent
  • 1 point = INR 1
  • Sign-up bonus of up to INR 10,000
  • 2 free golf games per month


  • Not affordable for students
  • High annual fee credit card
  • No fee waiver available

10.                       HSBC Premier Master Card

HSBC Premier Master Card is the best movies card you need to enjoy entertainment benefits. Moreover, this movie credit card does not charge a joining fee or annual fee. However, you do need to maintain at least INR 5 lakhs in your account.

Features and Benefits

  • You will receive 50% cashback at PVR movie halls
  • 5% cashback on shopping at
  • 2 free access to the premier airport lounges every year
  • Voucher worth INR 1000 from upon spending INR 75000 in a month.


  • Need to maintain at least 5 lakhs in your account quarterly


11.                       SBI Signature Credit Card

SBI Signature Credit Card can be thought of as a credit card for movie tickets because it offers several entertainment and lifestyle perks. It is a little bit on the expensive side but the benefits it provides cannot be missed out. Regular shoppers will receive even better benefits and bonus points from the card.

Features and Benefits:

  • Movie tickets worth INR 500 from if you use your card every month.
  • A welcome gift worth INR 5000
  • Reward points upon paying utility bills
  • 5% fuel surcharge waiver if you make a transaction in the range of INR 500 to INR 4,000
  • Bonus Reward Points if you spend INR 2 lakh or above


  • Joining fee and annual fee are too high.

Types of Benefits on Entertainment Credit Cards

Entertainment Credit Cards can be divided into various types based on the benefits they offer. Given below are the types of entertainment credit cards as per their benefits:

·        Discounts

Many credit cards provide you with discounts on entertainment purchases, like movie ticket purchases.

·        Co-Branded Benefits

Most of the entertainment credit cards are branded with BookMyShow, PVR, INOX Cinemas, etc. So, you will be able to enjoy benefits from these cinema halls like free tickets, discounts of movies, etc.

·        Extra Rewards

Certain credit cards provide you with accelerated rewards for entertainment expenses. These reward points can be exchanged for several benefits and offers.

·        Cash Back

Some entertainment credit cards offer a lot of cash backs. So, a specific percentage of the amount you spend on movies will be returned to you. Often, there are several movie tickets offers on the credit card or your debit card that you end up missing.

·        Complimentary Memberships

Some entertainment credit cards offer you with recreational sports programs, golf, etc. in addition to movie card offers.

·        Limited Period Offers

Some cards deliver limited period offers that will allow the cardholders to save on movies. Such credit cards won’t always offer discounts and cashback on movie bookings. Instead, they provide attractive movie benefits for a short time.

How to Choose the Right Movies Credit Card?

While choosing the best movies credit cards, it is important to analyse various aspects of the cards first. You need to reflect on what you want and the purpose you will be using the movie credit card for. Let’s take a look at the points you need to consider before finalizing a credit card for movies:

1.     Rewards Rate:

Make sure you check out how many reward points the bank offers on spending with the credit card. The reward exchange rate is important as well. Comparing the two of those for different credit cards will let you know how much you will earn from the credit card.

2.     Discounts:

Some entertainment credit cards offer hefty discounts on movie ticket purchases. On the other hand, some don’t have as many discounts. Moreover, you should also check if the card offers discounts on other categories in addition to movies.

3.     Annual Fee:

The annual fee and joining fee of the card play a major role in deciding whether it is affordable for you or not. Make sure that the benefits, discounts, and offers make the annual fee worthy. You want to buy a credit card with more benefits and fewer charges, not the other way around.

4.     Sign-up bonus:

Some credit cards offer a huge welcome gift voucher. Some would even gift you several thousand reward points for signing up with them. So, you should compare and choose accordingly.

5.     Other benefits:

A credit card for movies can also offer discounts and benefits on other categories. Check if your credit card provides discounts and offers on groceries, retail, and other purchases. Some also provide travelling and dining benefits.

6.     Interest Rate:

As you might already know that credit cards come with interests, this forms an important point that you must compare. Some entertainment cards offer amazing benefits but charge too high of an APR. Make sure that the interest rate on the card is affordable for you while not compromising on the benefits you want.

How to Apply for Movies Credit Cards Online?

After you have chosen a movie credit card, it’s time to get it in your pocket. To do so, you need to apply for an entertainment credit card. We all are aware of the offline procedure, so let’s talk about the online method instead. Follow the steps given below to apply for a credit card online:

Step 1. Go to the website of the bank or a partner site.

Step 2. Get yourself registered.

Step 3. Look through the credit card options available and choose the one you want.

Step 4. Now, you need to fill in the application form of the credit card and provide the documents required. You will receive a confirmation mail within a few minutes.

Step 5. Some banks might immediately approve the application. While some might run an inspection and then approve it if the information provided is legit. Your credit card application can also be rejected if you don’t fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Step 6. If your application gets approved, then you will receive the dispatched card within a week or so.

Eligibility to Apply For movies Credit Cards

Different credit cards have different eligibility criteria. However, there is a general list of criteria you need to fulfil.

  • Most credit cards have a basic income requirement in the range of INR 15,000 to INR 20,000.
  • A decent CIBIL score of 750 or above
  • Last 3 months salary slips or bank statements
  • Some banks might also need you to have a high-income range or a certain amount of Fixed Deposit.

Document required To Apply For Movies Credit Cards

  • ID Proof: Aadhaar card, PAN card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, etc.
  • Address Proof: Electricity bill, Ration card, Passport, Telephone bill, Driving license, Voter ID, etc.
  • Income Proof: Last 3 months’ payslips, Form 16, IT returns, bank statements.
  • Age Proof: Admit card of 10th board exams, Birth Certificate, Passport, Voter ID
  • Form 60
  • PAN Card copy

How to save money while booking a movie ticket?

Entertainment costs are on the rise! Enjoying a nice movie day can be a bit heavy on your pocket. However, there are several ways to save on movie tickets. Given below are some tips to do the same:

·        Show Time of the Movie

You must have noticed that the movie tickets for the morning and the weekday shows are cheap. If you want to save money on movies, go for a morning show or go on any of the weekdays. The evening shows and the weekend ones are the most expensive.

·        Skip 3D and IMAX

Not attending the 3D and IMAX shows for some movies will make a big difference. Always ask within your friend circle if the 3D show was worth the ticket price. So, you can skip the 3D/ IMAX shows for some movies to save a ton of money.

·        Discounts

Stay updated on the deals and offers on the movie ticket bookings. Also, research a bit on this before getting the tickets. You can compare the prices offered by various booking platforms to see which one offers the lowest deal.

· Get a Movie Credit Card

As mentioned in this article, certain credit cards offer benefits on movie ticket purchases. If you purchase one such card, then you will be able to avail massive discounts, cashback, and the credit card movie offers as well. Besides, you can also get free movie tickets.


Q1. Do entertainment cards offer other benefits apart from movies?

Ans. Entertainment credit cards are meant to provide attractive benefits on movies. But, these cards can also be used for other purposes. You will earn rewards and discounts on other categories too.

Q2. Should I get a credit card for movies?

Ans. The answer is based on how often you watch movies. If you are someone who prefers to watch movies in the theatre now and then, then a credit card for movie tickets is worth it.

Q3. How are reward points on movie credit cards beneficial?

Ans. Reward points on movie credit cards can be exchanged for cash back, offers, and discounts. You need to check the number of reward points you earn on spending a certain amount and the reward exchange rate as well.

Q4. What is meant by cashback?

Ans. Cashback refers to the amount of money returned when you spend or purchase something using your credit card. A percentage of your expenditure will be returned to you. So, the higher the cashback rate, the more beneficial you shall be.

Q5. What other things should I look for in a movies credit card other than entertainment benefits?

Ans. Make sure to check if the movie credit card offers dining benefits or not. You might tend to dine out when out to watch a movie. If the card offers discounts on food and dining as well, then the overall movie day would become perfect for you.

Final Words

The best entertainment credit card to pay for movie tickets for you depends largely on your needs and how often you go to watch movies. If you are a regular movie-goer, then a movie credit card could prove really beneficial. Some banks have partnered with BookMyShow, PVR, etc. to give you a seamless movie experience. We have carried out several comparisons to come up with the list of entertainment credit cards in this article.

Hopefully, you would have found what you were looking for. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!