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20 Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2024

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As per a survey conducted by Standard & Poor’s, more than 76% of the Indian adults do not have financial literacy. In fact, most of the Indians do not even understand the most basic concepts needed to make the right financial decisions.

Listed Are the best personal finance blogs in India who are helping people to take right financial decisions. If you go over the web there are plenty of financial people who are offering tips in the finance sector about personal finance. According to me Only a handful though routinely offer a solid financial advice. These related finance blogs compile my weekly roundup of great personal finance advice from around the web.

They also let us know about stock analysis based on technical and fundamental principles.

I have been in this area for a while, met some amazing best personal finance bloggers in India. I have compiled a list of personal finance blogs.

List of Finance Blogs in Indiabest personal finance blogs

  1. Taxguru
  2. One Mint
  3. BasuNivesh
  4. Safal Niveshak
  5. Apna Plan
  6. Jago Investor
  7. Relakhs
  8. Money Excel
  9. Bemoneyaware
  10. GoodReturns

Taxguru focuses on all types of taxes and personal finance. You can get the Finance related latest information regarding Notification, Amendments, Circular or even Case Laws. The amendments can be in Wealth Tax, MVAT, Income Tax, DVAT, PVAT, Service Tax, ICAI Regulation, Company Law, FEMA, RBI, DGFT, SEZ, Customs Duty, Excise, ICSI Regulation,  Corporate Law, Goods, and Service Tax, CMA Regulation, Labour laws. You can also look at different tools and forms in excel or word format regarding Income tax laws. It is extremely useful for Chartered Accountants, Tax Professional, Company Secretaries, finance influencers and Cost Accountants.

2.One Mint

One Mint is another personal finance website run by Manshu, a student. In this finance blog, he talks about the economy, technology, and finance – the three most important pillars in financial planning in today’s India. He analyses the economic ideas and theories and moulds them for the Indian market. The investment ideas mentioned on the website can help one make better decisions when money is concerned.

OneMint started out as “Mint” as the name of a computer in the network of computers later converted to OneMint. His blog helps You to make Better Financial Decisions.

Monthly Traffic: – 180.93K


BasuNivesh focuses on Personal finance like insurance, investment, banking, mutual fund, tax planning, EPF, PPF. There are 1-2 posts weekly. Basavaraj Tonagatti runs it who is a Certified Financial Planner. He says, “It is an initiative started with the aim of educating each individual in dealing their financial life, making aware about mis-selling which may come into your life at any time through any means.”

Monthly Traffic: –  385.72K

4.Safal Niveshak

Safal Niveshak takes a scientific approach to money-making with an emphasis on human behaviour regarding a financial decision. With the intention focused on helping Indians in value investing, Safal Niveshak provides various courses on taking personal financial decisions effectively. Safal Niveshak Run by a great financial blogger Vishal Khandelwal, this finance blog abounds with success stories of investors and takes a long-term approach towards money instead of promising the moon. It conducts interviews with many investors in India. The owner Safal Niveshak also help small investors to become intelligent, independent and successful in stock market investment decisions. This always remained the crux of financial mantra in ancient India and it is well maintained by Safal Niveshak.

Monthly Traffic: – 83.97K

5. Apna Plan

Apna plan is a personal finance blog run by Delhi based Financial blogger Amit Kumar, an MBA guy having a lot of certifications from NSE. The blog is frequently updated with information regarding all types of financial planning- be it income tax returns or stock markets to Mutual Funds, Insurance,  FD & RDs, Loans, Taxes etc.. All the aspects that affect financial planning in India are covered here. They even have an income tax calculator that might be of immense help to amateur investors. The blog aims at detailed analysis regarding Indian laws for proper investment and thereby directs the reader directly to take any decisions.

Monthly Traffic: –  162.22K

Jagoinvestor has the information regarding personal finance, mutual funds, insurance, credit cards and EPF account. There is one article coming up each week. Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai started in 2008 and, present in top bloggers list run it. Manish Chauhan is a financial coach conducting workshops. Nandish Desai is a financial coach and author. There is also Jagoinvestor School which can help you improve your financial life.
Some books of Manish Chauhan are: 16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know, Jago Investor: Change your Relation with Money. In Jago Investor Manish Chauhan is trying to ‘demystify’ the Financial Planning ethics.

Monthly Traffic: – 223.11K

Relakhs blog has a  lot of personal finance topics like insurance, tax planning, home loans, mutual funds, stock markets, banking services, gold etc. The article is published once every week. Sreekanth, Certified Financial Planner is in charge of the website. He is one of the best Finance bloggers and has ReLakhs Financial Services firm in Bangalore. He provides with Property Consultancy, Financial Counselling and Tax Planning Services there.

Monthly Traffic: – 445.16k

This comes in some best personal finance blogs in India. Moneyexcel writes about investment, personal finance, financial planning, real estate, insurance, the stock market. There are 2-3 posts daily. Raviraj Prakash, finance graduate and experienced in Insurance and Finance manages it with Shitanshu Kapadia who is an engineer. He started blogging with a view that ‘even urban India consumers are less aware of financial planning’. Now he excels in writing about financial planning, real estate, business ideas, gold, stock market etc.

Monthly Traffic: – 431.3K

Bemoneyaware provides information regarding EPF, PPF, Investing avenues, Fill Form 15G, Credit debt, and loan. You can look there for guidelines regarding filling income tax form. It comes out 1-2 per week. Kriti, one of the Finance bloggers in India and women-software engineer runs it.


GoodReturns has various articles on corporate and business news, mutual funds, and stock markets. There are also classroom sessions for investors. You can find good articles on personal finance which includes taxes, investments, banking, and PPF. It is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telegu. It is one of the channels of and is now known as One India Money.

We have discussed the top 10 personal finance blogs in India and some of the Finance bloggers. If you had any confusion or lack of information regarding financial solutions, you can refer to these finance blogs. In 2021, get the best advice!

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Most Visited finance Websites

Personal finance websites are very much important provided a lack of awareness in financial education among Indian citizens. The complex structure of the Taxation system in India requires experts to deduct new hypotheses so that citizens can handle financial matters without worry. Some personal finance websites for beginners are:

Simpletexindia provides with information regarding taxation, amendments in Tax and applications. There are 3-4 posts coming every week. The website says, ” It is run by Team of energetic Tax professionals & Taxpayers, having a positive approach to provide problem solution & to share our experiences and knowledge in the field of Income-tax, Service Tax Excise and other Financial Matters”

Get Money Rich

Get Money Rich is a personal blog written by an interesting blogger named Manish Chaudhary who left high profile jobs to go on blogging thereby helping the readers in achieving financial independence that cripples modern-day youths working in large MNCs. The blogs profess how to be debt-free and build savings at the same time. The blogs will be helpful for every middle class working people because they directly address the financial crisis or loopholes they face every day with a keen eye to the details.

Monthly Traffic: – 152.97K


Paisabazaar should be the ultimate name in the domain of loans of various nature. Be it a personal loan or business loan, it is a place where your loan is approved within a minute. It ranks among the topmost awarded financial websites and sells more than 300 financial products. There are more than 75 partners working with paisabazzar. It has the reputation of having more than 9 core satisfied customers. Its free credit report feature is the most popular among customers.

Stable Investor

Stable investor, as the name suggests, provides goal-based investment strategies for the cardinal events in a man’s life. The services provided by Stable Investor assess customer’s personal goals, prioritize among them to determine a risk-free rational financial plan. In the path of financial liberation, this blogger puts more importance on three aspects: financial planning, retirement planning, and children’s future planning. It takes a personalized approach to the client’s financial goal and helps them to enhance it.

Chartered Club

Founded by CA Karan Batra Chartered club in 2009 is a personal finance website specially designed for professionals in financial planning. The blog is so designed with the knowledge of experts in the field that both salaried employees and businessmen also benefit from them. Although personal finance is an important part, the blog also caters on GST or income tax. Every professional seeking financial support can get the best expertise here. It also has an e-book facility that might help customers in taking note for future reference. He is also visiting faculty member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India. The main aim to aware every one of the tax and help them to manage their taxes in better ways. As an employee Understanding of your monthly salary slip also helps you to save income tax.
Monthly Traffic: – 1.40M

Money Control

Money Control is a regularly updated finance website that keeps on adding new features. Its attractive features include different calculators for calculating income tax, gratuity, and EMI. The whole website is made in compliance with the need of Indian citizens. The website is accessible in three different languages and apart from personal finance other aspects of financial planning are equally covered. A customer can easily access the website through its specialized app and remain connected to the latest financial trends by the live shows feature.


SubraMoney owned by P V Subramanyam, a Chartered Accountant. In his life career, he has trained thousands of people in mutual funds, life insurance, private sectors and money big companies. SubraMoney conducts workshops in financial planning within corporate to help employees in personal wealth management by better saving and a better investment.

Monthly Traffic: – 38.21K

Finance Dunia

Finance Dunia is run by a professional finance blogger Srikanta Kundu. He writes daily financial news like car loan, home loan, education loan, life insurance, personal finance management, car insurance, fixed deposit, mutual funds, provident fund, stock marketing.

Monthly Traffic: – 15K

TFL Guide

This is Teach Finance Literacy guide blog run by Hemant Beniwal, the financial advisor at Ark Financial Planners. Through TFL guide he helps to prevent mis-selling in financial planning, investment, gold and other stuff.

Monthly Traffic: – 70.52K

My Investment Ideas

Suresh Kumar from Hyderabad behind this best personal finance blog since 2011. He has experience of more than 15 years in financial planning and investing. He writes about his financial experiments in Mutual funds, Stocks, saving ideas.

Monthly Traffic: – 415.63K

With India moving towards financial inclusion and digitalization in matters of financial transactions, Best Personal finance bloggers will play a bigger role that would affect India’s leading position in the global market. Some of the best personal finance blogs in India have already been discussed here. Now it’s your turn, Do you have your own personal finance blog or website which is not listed in this list. Please do in a comment I will try to list as well.

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These personal finance blogs stand out from the pack.  I think each one of these blogs is perfect. You should at least be subscribed to if you want to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the fast-changing financial market.

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