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Top 10 Best Share Market Websites in India 2020-21

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If you are an investor or want to be one, then you must know about the best share market websites. The reason is that such websites not only provide you with insightful market updates but also give you excellent stock market tools. 

Now, you must agree that investing in the share market is a tough nut to crack. Given that so many people fail at it. However, with the right skill set and knowledge, you’ll come out with flying colours. 

Today, we bring you the best stock market websites in India to subscribe to and follow if you want to be at the top of the market. 

List of Top 10 Share Market Websites in India 2020

1. MoneyControl
2. Screener
3. Business StandardBusiness Standard
5. Livemint
6. NSE India
7. BSE India
8. Economic Times Market
9. Value Research
10. Bloomberg Quint

1. MoneyControl

Average Monthly Users: 50 Million

Money Control is one of the best trading websites you’ll come across in India. This is good for research on both technical and fundamental aspects of the stock market. It provides all kinds of information about the share market like live prices of stocks, share market news, and so on.

Moreover, you’ll also get information about mutual funds here. Hence, is quite popular with traders and investors. One of the most unique features about this website is that it provides a forum for finance discussions as well.

Besides, it also allows you to track your investments. And if you need your stock market help on the go, then just download its mobile app!

2. Screener

Average Monthly Users: 1.3 Million

This is yet another top-notch share market website. As the name suggests, it is more like a screening website. It allows you to check out financial reports of all different companies. You’ll get all the important financial information about companies here.

Moreover, all the annual reports and balance sheets of the companies are arranged in an easy to read way. Screener provides you with information about the stock market in a simple and personalised way. It cuts out the unnecessary stuff and gives you the useful chunks of data only.

Furthermore, you can also enable email alerts to receive regular updates. To fit the feed as per your needs, you can design screens for yourself based on your personal strategies.

3. Business Standard

Average Monthly Users: 8 Million

Business Standard is great if you are looking for precise and reliable information about the share market. Besides serving you with crisp information about the financial world, it also gives you the best business insights in the country. 

It gets about 8 million traffic every month. Hence, it is clear that a lot of people trust this one. After all, their motto is to provide you with fair posts based on real journalism. Surely a great share market website for both investors and traders!


Average Monthly Users: 5.2 Million is another one of the fundamental and Best share market website you need to follow. This one comes with great tools like Fed rate monitor tool, stock screener, and so on. Apart from that, you’ll also get Forex correlation, Profit Calculator, and Pivot Point Calculator. 

It’s an amazing site to get detailed information about any public company. Besides gaining all the fundamental knowledge, you can also carry out the technical analysis of stocks here. There are several bits and pieces of useful stock info here. 

And if all that wasn’t enough, it also gives you general stock market information like charts, news, forums, and technicals too. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed!

5. Livemint

Average Monthly Users: 10.5 Million

This is the best place to go through all kinds of posts about the share market. With all the latest and important updates about the stocks and the equity market, it makes sure you don’t miss any useful information. 

If that wasn’t enough, it also serves interesting facts and posts about finance, economics, politics, sports, and more. 

Live Mint also has a partnership with the Hindustan Times which helps it provide useful information directed towards the investors. Moreover, it gives you better company-related news.

6. NSE India

Average Monthly Users: 12 Million

The NSE India website provides you with useful strategic indices such as the Low Volatility indices. History says that such indices have been outperforming Nifty for a considerable amount of time now. 

Moreover, this website has several beneficial articles related to the share market and other related financial fields. It’s a top-class website for anybody who wants to study and understand the Indian share market

Financial data of every organization can be found here since all companies are listed in NSE. Furthermore, they have one of the best trading apps you could ever get. It is perfect for tracking the stock market on the go.

7. BSE India

Average Monthly Users: 3.4 Million

BSE India is the official website of the den of the Indian stock market, i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange. Subscribing to this site is a must if you wish to start investing in stocks. You can get all the historical data here since BSE has been in the share market for a pretty long time now. 

Moreover, this website brings all the fundamental things you need to know to carry out a detailed stock analysis. You will get all the valuable news about the stock market in various segments of this site in an organized fashion.

8. Economic Times Market

Average Monthly Users: 33 Million

Economic Times Market is your ultimate go-to for everything related to the share market. You’ll get everything here including financial statements, daily volatility, etc. Moreover, beta and trends in the share market can be found as well.

Also, don’t forget that this is a great financial news portal. You are bound to have come by this website every once in a while. Download their app now to get easy access to daily share market updates, analysis, and tips at your fingertips.

9. Value Research

Average Monthly Users: 3.7 Million

Besides providing you with amazing finance investment articles, Value Research also gives you a regular stock analysis to you. So, if you are someone who needs stock market data and market analysis, then this website will be highly beneficial. 

Moreover, it also provides day-to-day data about all aspects of mutual funds. And when it comes to individual stocks, you will also get other information over Median PE Ratios for various time periods. In addition to that, you get insightful data such as Z Scores, Modified C Score, etc.  

10. Bloomberg Quint

Average Monthly Users: 4.2 Million

Bloomberg Quint is not just a share market website, it is more like an all-round finance website. It is one of the topmost multi-platform websites to find the best business ideas and financial information. In addition to that, it is also on top of the stock market game.

If you need up to date information about the share market, then this is where you should be. It also provides you with software tools to like an equity trading platform to get all the latest updates about the equity market. Furthermore, you get data service and news of several financial companies via the Bloomberg Quint. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of share market websites out there that promise you great benefits. However, truth to be told, not all of them are quite worth the advertisement. In this blog, we have provided you with the very best players in the industry to keep you profitable. Let us know your share market insights and thoughts.