best ways to invest in overseas

7 best ways to invest overseas


Various people decide to invest in funds overseas. But it does not come without restraints. Things like currency changes and language barriers are some of the common problems, yet people still choose to invest overseas because the advantages are better than the disadvantages.

Some currencies are often higher or lower than others in the economic market. This is why people choose to invest overseas for a higher profit.

Best ways to invest overseas

People who are new to the investment industry find it hard to invest overseas. It is even more difficult to find real estate investments qualifying for citizenship. Nowadays, many countries offer people citizenship based on their investment in real estate. You are eligible for citizenship in countries like Greece, Dominica, and many others if you invest in real estate in that region. All the details and procedures are covered under the Golden Residency Visa program.

So, given below are the best ways someone can invest overseas.

Mutual funds that are diverse and different

The most common way of investing overseas is using exchange-traded funds (ETF). Exchange-traded funds should consist of international stocks and bonds to help strengthen the investment. ETFs and mutual funds provide all kinds of investors with benefits to their portfolios. They also help create greater chances for better investments in the future.

One simple transaction is enough to help the investor get better in the economic market and earn a lot. There are loads of choices for ETFs or mutual funds as well. These include:

  • International funds: Investing in countries that are outside America
  • Country funds: Investing in countries such as Russia or Spain to have a better investment overseas
  • Regional funds: Investing in regions such as Asia, the Middle East, or Europe as well

Investing through depository receipts

ADRs, also known as American Depository Receipts, suit the investor gimmick as well as non-US companies. American depository receipts offer a very convenient way to hold international stocks. They also provide opportunities for companies outside America to establish and raise capital in America’s stock markets.

ADRs have three different levels (be it sponsored or unsponsored) that depend on the requirements of companies who need access to the US.

  • Level 1 ADRs: These types of American depository receipts are traded over the counter
  • Level 2 and 3 ADRs: These ADRs are to be a part of established stock exchanges such as AMEX. Only level 3 is required to raise capital.

Researching through long distances

Unlike companies such as Samsung, it has become easier to research the broad market through the internet rather than visiting the place. This can be done through long-distance research by staying at a particular place (your residence included). Various countries have set a benchmark index, including DAX that is in Germany.

Many international investors often use the MSCI set as a guiding factor for many foreign investments.

Direct investing

There are only two ways through which investors can invest in foreign stocks. The first way is by opening a global account using a broker who is in the country. The broker needs to have the ability to buy foreign shares. The second way is by opening an account with any local broker in the country you want.

The country needs to offer services for overseas investors. This includes Boom’s Trading Platform in Hong Kong. Based on your interest and your style of investing, investors have to pick the right platform. The facilities that the brokerage firm provides have to be checked as well. Although the system is difficult to understand, you should avoid casual investors.

Index style funds

There have been issues regarding foreign trades in the United States. But, most experts say to invest in exchange-traded funds and mutual funds too. Some experts also suggest investing in index-style funds. These funds allocate foreign market shares through global stock assets.

Some index funds choose to focus on specific regions and countries. Others develop markets or help newly built ones.

Exchange-traded funds

There is a very convenient way to invest overseas. This is using international exchange-traded funds. Choosing the correct exchange-traded fund makes it easier for any investor to build their portfolio all by themselves. Some ETFs offer bets that are more concentrated in a single country, and others don’t.

There are loads of ETFs that are internationally available with many categories. Some of the categories include location, investment style, and sectors too.

Investing through foreign companies

In case an investor is comfortable investing in international companies, you know how the market works. So, foreign stocks are traded on a home-country exchange (known as ordinary shares).

Many foreign stock companies agree that some new investors always ask them for investment options.


Investors should check the product and shares before they decide to invest in anything. It is better to know about the details needed along with the factors they need to follow. For more such updates, stay connected and leave a comment for any related queries.