What is Cashless Garage Network Under Future Generali?


Last Updated on 30/08/2020 by Deepak Singla

Future Generali motor insurance provides you security against all probable mishaps that may arise, such as damages, death, accidents, theft, burglary, and other unfortunate circumstances. This is unlike other general insurance company product and people at large who purchasing cars are either for private purpose or for commercial purpose are buying safety coverage too. Future Generali car insurance lets their customer enjoy cashless facility over thousands of garages all over India. This proves that the insurance company has a wide network for the garage that are spread across India.

Benefits of Future Generali car insurance

The benefits of Future Generali car insurance can be summed up and depend on the coverage of the policy as well as the value added cover. There are several inclusion as well as exclusions under the policy too that must be taken into account before investing. The coverage of the policy provides protection against in transit vehicle damage either by road, rail, lift, air and elevator. It extends its coverage towards third party damage too.

It has been regarded as the most convenient policy which requires minimum documents to complete the total processing. Moreover, the policy is issued to you within the minimum time frame. Also, there are approved workshops and garages that provide you cashless facility when required. Like any other car insurance company, Future Generali too provides customer assistance for any help required. Towing facility is also provided when the car meets with an accident. As the insurance policy provides cashless facility, there are thousands of garage under the Future Generali network with ready assistance. Locating garage networks of Future Generali is easier over the website. So, before getting into the terms of cashless facility, always look out for the nearest garage facility that might be reachable and not too far.

List out cashless garage facility by Future Generali

Locating the cashless garage facility will also enable you to compare the facilities actually provided at different locations. First of all, make a list of the cashless arrangements and then you will easily find out the best-suited garage near you. The garage networks extend from Aurangabad to, Kalyan, Pune Nasik, Nagpur, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and many other states all over India. You just need to click on the state and city where you need the cashless garage facility and you will get complete details about the garage. With online search mode, it is easy to find out the address and the contact person. You may also find out your suitable cashless garage network in cases of emergencies or damage to your car, repairs because the network is spread across all state boundaries.

Thus, the cashless benefit is provided to all the customers who purchase the Future Generali car insurance policy and the coverage benefit of third party liability too. The policyholders can get themselves armed with the cashless repair from the list of centers and settle the deal without any pay from pocket anytime with the detailed assessment of the bills.