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List of Healthcare Software Companies in India 2024


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With growing demand in Healthcare service in India, it is imperative that a huge number of healthcare software companies will thrive in the country. With the wealth of a huge population, these healthcare software companies will definitely try to impact the overall healthcare. As the government healthcare service in India is in a dismal condition, there is a growing demand of these healthcare companies. These healthcare consulting companies help patients connect with the medical services available in the country.

Below are the some best Healthcare Software Companies in India


lybrate healthcare software companies in india

Lybrate is the perfect solutions for them who would like to avoid the hassle of going to a hospital and booking an appointment. It directly connects you with the doctors in your locality. With such exce

ptional vision, Lybrate was created as a Delhi-based start-up by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang in the year 2013. Lybrate claims to have more than 150,000 doctors at the service of patients who could not connect with them otherwise. It also maintains patient anonymity. Lybrate has a mobile app through which anyone in need of medical help or advice can connect with the doctor.


livehealth healthcare software company

Livehealth is a Pune-based data management platform that collects patient’s data for future analytics through AI based technology. They also arrange online check-up of patients by renowned and experienced doctors. Their primary specialties include allergy, psychology and psychiatry. The website charge around $49 per visit. In the coming years, Livehealth will emerge as another giant in healthcare in India.

Clinicea software healthcare insurance company

Clinicea is an EMR expert that provides a plethora of healthcare services worldwide. With its Indian office in Kolkata, Clinicea provides an electronic medical record, lab reporting, preventive health reminders, clinical audit, appointment scheduling services, pharmacy data, imaging, patient portal, customer support in more than 20 languages etc. Their specialties include all the major domains of the medical arena. Their 24*7 service makes it very helpful for patients in India and worldwide.


patientclick healthcare software development company

Patientclick provides direct patient care through telecommunication. Their service is both patient and physician friendly where a patient portal is maintained to provide patient education and instructions as directed by the physicians. They maintain the electronic health record and provide e-prescriptions facility that removes any error found in handwritten prescriptions. Reports of lab tests can be uploaded in different modes so that the physicians can access them. Their specialties include Internal medicine, Gynaecology, Nephrology, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Urology etc. They provide telemedicine facility for rural patients. They also have go-live assistance facilities.


Niramai is a platform that screens breast cancer using AI machines and technology. Its screening device can detect small tumors easily, thanks to machine intelligence. They provide non-invasive risk detection method which keeps women comfortable with the process. Founded by Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur, this start-up was the need of the hour with increasing problems of breast cancer among women.

It helps in early detection and the process is safe yet non-touch, radiation-free and cost-effective. It uses a thermal sensing device of high resolution that scans the chest and analyses the thermal image through cloud-hosted analytics thereby making it reliable and quick. With a growing demand, Niramai will develop as the ultimate solution for breast cancer in India.

Datazymes healthcare software company

Datazymes is a data management platform that analyses all the data regarding pharma industry. It is a USA based company with offices in India. With the help of AI technology, they maintain data analytics that enjoys exceptional precision. Their effort is to maintain the data to value chain so that pharma companies get better insights in developing new drugs. They claim to provide the companies with a 360-degree view of the patient account and physician.

Practo best healthcare software company

Practo with its 11 years of experience has grown into a one-stop solution for patients in the domain of appointment, consultation, and ordering medicines. This Bengaluru based company is active in all the major cities of India. With its more than 100,000 doctors, practo is providing its service to more than 25 million patients each year. Apart from providing health check-ups at relatively low cost, Practo maintains its specialties in all the major fields like Laparoscopy, Dentistry, Gynaecology, Physiotherapy etc. With practo booking appointment with doctors has become easier. They also provide a facility of chatting with your doctor. At the same time, you can order the medicine here. The doctors share their valuable tips also through informative blogs.

MUrgency best healthcare software company

MUrgency is a Mumbai-based app service that caters to patients in emergency crisis. Acting as an aggregator it brings together all the requirements during an emergency hour. From doctors to nurses, from paramedics to ambulances or first aid assistance, MUrgency has managed a commendable job of assisting those who need the help as fast as possible. With a single MUrgency has made all the medical response available to the user. It has already catered to more than 3,00,000 emergencies. By 2020, MUrgency claims, to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. It is also cost effective with the primary response requiring Rs. 350 while the absolute poor having nothing to pay.

Accutest healthcare software company

Accutest works in the drug development process through their comprehensive testing services catering to biotechnology companies not only in India but also across Asia and Brazil. With a long track record of 17 years in the field of Contract Research Organization, they excel in maintaining the quality as mentioned by the regulatory authorities worldwide. They partner with pharmaceutical companies and ensure scientific competence, quality, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

Advancells healthcare software company in India

Founded by Vipul Jain in the year 2013, Advancells is a Noida-based startup which provides stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is otherwise known as regenerative medicine. This technology holds the potential of treating   Parkinson’s, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and heart problems. Advancells consists of a team mostly scientists who help in processing the adipose tissue or bone marrow from a patient. After that, they separate the stem cells and process in the laboratory. The treatment takes place after that. This treatment is available in 55 major hospitals in India. Apart from its headquarter in India Advancells has representative offices in Australia and Bangladesh.


Portea is another Bengaluru based startup that brings the medical representatives at the doorstep of the patient. From doctors to nurses, physiotherapists to technicians, portea offers its service to those who cannot visit the hospital or clinics. They use remote diagnostics and point of care devices that upload the data to their EMR platform. From there, the data is put to analytics for understanding the health concerns of the country. Founded by husband-wife duo K Ganesh and Meena Ganesh, Portea currently caters in 21 cities of India.


With an aim to extend primary healthcare to school going children, AddressHealth sprang up in Bengaluru. They screen children for vision, hearing and dental health. They also check them up for anthropometry as well as complete medical examination. Across the city of Bengaluru, they have four main clinics and there are many others in different schools. AddressHealth uses technology to make primary healthcare holistic and affordable for the school children. They also publish curriculum for maintaining student’s mental and physical behavior. AdressHealth is no doubt becoming an impactful healthcare solution for children in India.

Forus Health

Forus Health started in 2010. It is a Bengaluru based startup which has been proved impactful for the patients suffering from eye diseases. The software uses technology to detect eye problems. The startup flourished as a solution to the dismal patient-ophthalmologist ratio in India. With their portable product 3nethra, it has been easier to detect common eye problems that might lead to blindness otherwise.

They have a worldwide presence throughout 26 countries. They have till now touched more than two million lives. Their newly launched product claims to detect Retinopathy of prematurity which can lead to blindness due to excess oxygen and drugs supplied to babies who are born prematurely. As a virtual healthcare solution, Forus Health is doing a commendable job.

Mitra Biotech

Founded by Dr. Pradip K. Majumdar and Dr. Mallik Sunderram in 2009, Mitra Biotech is a platform that provides personalized cancer care with prescribed drugs at low cost. They make use of proprietary technology to develop cost effective cancer care and drugs. Mitra Biotech has managed to develop diagnostic tests for targeted medicines and chemotherapeutics.

The founder team of Mitra Biotech constitutes of researchers from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mitra Biotech has maintained contact with the top oncology institutes of India. They help these institutions choosing the combination of drugs for a specific patient thereby reducing treatment cycle and toxic drug affect.

Medibox Technologies

Kapil Kanbarkar and Bhavik Kumar founded Medibox Technologies to help patients search medical facilities across India. With just a single tap Medibox Technologies provide the patients, information regarding health care facilities like pharmacies and hospitals. The platform also provides blood bank information collected throughout India. The mobile app is compatible with all sorts of portable devices.

They have developed a tie-up with more than 1.7 lakh medical retailers, 20 thousand healthcare product suppliers. With a minuscule strength of 20 employees, Medibox has managed to become a leading SaaS-based platform that can impact a lot in the healthcare industry of the country. Their real-time visibility and accurate information have been created in compliance with their mission to removing the obstacles of not getting medicines in times of need.


Founded by Vivek Tiwari, Medikabazaar acts as a platform that unites all the stakeholders in the healthcare sector of India. It provides hospital and medical clinics supply. On the other hand, it sells home health aids that can be chosen by the patient. It offers more than 26 thousand products as of now.

More than 5000 hospitals have partnered with Medikabazaar. More like an e-commerce website, the seller can post their products to sell via the platform. It sells products under the categories of medical equipment, devices, consumables, hospital furniture, dental instruments etc. Medikabazaar has done a praiseworthy job which has the potential to revolutionize the medical shopping industry. It is slowly becoming the ultimate solution for all kinds of medical products.

Thrymr Software

Thrymr Software is a Hyderabad-based cloud-hosted platform to provide healthcare delivery. Their products include MedNetwork and eRx. With MedNetwork they connect the whole healthcare system with accurate, real-time data. All the pillars of the medical industry like doctors, nurses, clinics or blood banks are thereby connected by the MedNetwork. eRx is used in those works that do not require internet intervention. They put great importance on data security. With a well trained and experienced team of more than 150 employees, Thrymr software has managed to extend its services in Germany and Singapore also.

Founded by Subathra Santanam, Sajid Sikander and Mohammed Abubakr is a Hyderabad based startup with financial backups from corporate giants. The platform works as a healthcare management platform that aims to unite the system for delivering a patient-friendly service. They sell products related to hospital equipment, medical gadgets, baby and mother care, home care, eye, ENT, Sports supplements, protein supplements, contraceptive care, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

 The website claims to offer services in ordering medicine online with a fast delivery possibly within four hours. With 35+ employee strength, is now working in 15 Indian cities. They claim to extend their service in other cities of India. Like other startups in the Indian health sector, is offering a great service that will definitely be helpful in diminishing dismal condition of the sector.


Rxpress is another health management platform that is working with the same goal of delivering health care services at the doorstep of the patient. One can upload prescriptions and buy medicines from the platform. At the same time, they sell products for home care or medical devices. The website claims to remind the patients in taking medicines. It is a Bengaluru based startup set up by one Madhur Gopal in 2015.

The list of healthcare software companies will go on with the progress of time, the number of these healthcare consulting companies will grow throughout 2019. As the scenario of healthcare in India is slowly changing towards a positive direction, healthcare service in India will be cheaper when the government sector will work hand in hand with these growing healthcare software companies like Lybrate or Practo. Thus, healthcare IT companies will expect a boom in their business as well as services.

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