History and Ownership of Cryptocurrency

History and Ownership of Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency was a revolutionary idea that aimed to decentralize currency to make them more efficient. Since then the crypto market as well the value of this novel currency has grown substantially. In this article, we will discuss the history and ownership of Bitcoin. 

 How was Bitcoin created?

Before we begin to talk about the different aspects of Bitcoin, let us first have a look at how Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency, came into being. The domain entitled “bitcoin.org” after its authorization in the year 2008 eventually started to see immense proliferation. 

While looking into the creation story of Bitcoin, is imperative that you keep in mind that the much-talked-about bitcoin network came into existence only once the commencement of ‘block of the chain’ entitled the ‘genesis block’.

The wise and resilient investor, Hal Finney was the first one to successfully initiate a grand transaction concerning Bitcoin. In the year 2004, he also created history and is widely known today for inventing the (RPoW), also famously known as the “proof-of-work” system.

Downloading unknown software is always an in thing. When you try out new things, you get a taste of their magic. As a Bitcoin trivia, you may want to note that Finney made a wise decision on the day Bitcoin software first came into existence. He delayed the process no further to know the unknown was given ten bitcoins on behalf of Nakamoto in the year 2009. 

You may be wondering, who are the other cypherpunk supporters who actively participated in the invention of Bitcoin predecessors. Be it Wei Dai, or Nick Szabo, their contributions can never be denied to this field of cryptocurrency entitled Bitcoin. For more information you can try this trading App now 

All About Bitcoin Ownership:

Before you try to get a substantial knowledge about Bitcoin ownership, you must understand how, within the domain of Blockchain, there is an invariable registration that mediates bitcoin, and bitcoin address (which they are originally registered to).

You may now be wondering about how to create a bitcoin address. Well, we are here to make it a bit easier for you. All you need to do to create a bitcoin address is going with an authorized private key, as well as computing them. This involves a process of computation, which you can do merely in the blink of an eye. However, the reverse of the same is not a particularly viable option, as recorded. 

Now, once one has already become the owner of bitcoin, they would like to spend it very naturally. The next question that naturally pops up then is, how do you spend them? Well, it is simple. The owner must merely know the private key in question and make a digital agreement towards the given translation, followed by a detailed process of verification. In this regard, please also remember that if one happens to lose the private key, any other evidence of one’s ownership will not be recognized, hence causing an effective loss. 

Bitcoin Security is largely dependent on these private keys, which ought to be kept as secrets. Once someone other than the owner has proper access to the same, you may also end up losing your bitcoin.

What is blockchain technology?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use blockchain technology. This technology combines memory blocks of transactional information into a sequence. Every time a new block is ‘mined’, a new Bitcoin is created. The blockchain is a decentralized system where the digital ledger is stored and managed across computer networks all over the world. These computer systems are known as nodes.

This process of storing transactional information is not only more efficient than the ledger in the traditional banking system but is also virtually accurate, as the transactional data refers to the entirety of the blockchain, which means any inaccuracies in the chain would disorganize the chain.

Bitcoin thus has removed the inadequacies of the usual banking system which are manually controlled. A cross-border transaction that usually takes a couple of days to complete is now possible to carry out in a matter of a few minutes through the computation process of the cryptocurrency. 


Bitcoin is a modern phenomenon. Nevertheless, overall knowledge of Bitcoin and other    cryptocurrencies will help the trader to make the right trading decisions.