Diversify Your Workplace

How to Diversify Your Workplace


Hiring for diversity isn’t just the right thing to do, it offers a number of economic benefits. According to Deloitte research, workplaces that prioritize diversity and inclusivity generate 30 percent more revenue per employee and are twice as likely to meet or exceed their financial goals. While it’s been a hot topic for society and companies, there are still tens of thousands of discrimination cases filed every year, which means there is still a lot of room for improvement.

It takes time to change discriminatory cultures, mindsets, and beliefs, but if you own a business, large or small, the best place to start is within your own organization, following these tips to make it as free of discrimination as possible. 

Use Software with AI to Replace Manual Resume Screening

Using a software tool with artificial intelligence (AI) is a great way to reduce recruiting bias. There are multiple options available with systems that consistently and objectively apply screening criteria for all candidates. Typically, they use the company’s existing resume database to learn about the qualifications of employees and apply that knowledge to new applicants, ranking and shortlisting those that are the strongest without human bias.

Specialized recruiter software programs can also remove personally identifiable information to reduce racial, gender, and age bias, preventing recruiters from making any unfair assumptions. 

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Encourage Referrals

Ask your current employees for referrals, and be sure to specify that you’re searching for qualified diverse applicants. Particularly encourage referrals from a more diverse range of employees rather than sticking to one group of people made up of those who are demographically similar. You’ll get the benefits of a referral hire while improving diversity at the same time.

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Search for Alternative Sources of Talent

Avoid recruiting from the same places, like institutions that were attended by the company founders. Instead, search for alternatives like colleges focusing on diversity and non-profit organizations that advocate and provide training for communities that are underrepresented. There’s a good chance you’ll find top-notch students who have real-world skills in your industry.

Make it Known That You’re an Equal Opportunity Employer

By explicitly stating on the job description that you’re an equal opportunity employer, it will tell potential candidates that your workplace is concerned about promoting inclusivity. It’s important to consult a human resources professional or an employment lawyer about the best way to do this to stay compliant with state and federal laws as equal employment opportunities can carry legal obligations. 

Provide Implicit Bias Training

Many of us believe we are bias-free, but judgments are often engrained due to life experiences. Providing implicit bias training to all employees creates a safe place for raising awareness of unconscious attitudes while teaching tools that can help change behaviors. 

Aim to Promote More Diverse Employees to Higher Positions

While it’s great to get more diverse employees in the door, it’s also important to promote them to leadership roles, or your business won’t fully reap the rewards of having a diverse team. You may also risk losing some of your best employees to other opportunities. Make it easy for minorities and women to stay loyal to the organization by empowering them.