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How to Find a Good Financial Advisor for your Financial growth in 2024


Last Updated on 25/12/2023 by Deepak Singla

Taking financial decisions is not for everyone when it comes to saving, investments and comfortable retirement. Hiring a personal financial advisor can be tricky since it involves a professional qualification for the same. Finding and choosing a professional and well experienced financial advisor. There are different types of financial advisors you have to decide on what kind of financial planning you may want to hire a financial advisor. Some specialize only in what and how you should save and what type of insurance will be suitable for you depending upon your age and your current financial status. Some are specialized in advising regarding what type of investment you should invest in for maximum gains in the long-run. And the third one is an expert at advising on retirement income planning that includes social Security, taxes, investments, ​pensions, retirement dates, etc.

While choosing a personal financial advisor the next step after choosing which type of financial advisor you want to approach checking the qualification build trust level. A qualified financial advisor must possess CFP® (College for Professional training) or PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) designation and in the case of the investment advisor(CFA®), Chartered Financial Analyst certificate is mandatory. With given certification, they must adhere to the ethics of education. A qualified advisor can be a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors he requires ongoing education in his field meaning thereby his knowledge is up-to-date.

Next check how do they charge? Is it asset wise, hourly based or commission-based, try figuring out which option will be the most cost-effective and for how long you will require to have the advice. e.g paying commission base might be economical if it is not ongoing advice taking? For fee-only advisors are ideal for financial planning they will have fiduciary duty meaning by they have to work in the interest of clients usually charging an hourly rate or some percentage of the asset they are working for. Since they are there to the advice they are not selling any product hence are entitled to any commission. They are committed to creating a one-time roadmap regarding insurance; investments, retirement, etc. reach your financial goals. A fee-based advisor usually gives financial advice for a fee but often involves some kind of a purchase of a product as a financial solution for which they will get some commission as well.

The search engine gives you full insight into financial advisors in your location. You can find their credentials, feedback, and testimony about them that will help you to narrow down the list. Do good research online of the advisor you think as eligible and also help you see which organizations are registered as an advisor.

In case of any, you still want to be sure about the potential of the advisor ask him about the area of the expertise so you can have an idea that is the right person for you or not. Knowing the number of years he/she has been practicing and it should be over four years of experience. It’s very important to know the industry in which he is dealing, A CPA working with mortgage or banking industry must not be the best at advising on financial planning for a retired person. Asking a technical question about Retirement Planning Projections which is based assumption of assets growth, inflation, and spending habits.

A good advisor will be able to guide you regarding how much you need to save, types of retirement’s accounts to be used, type of insurance and amount of insurance you would need based on various factors, amount of emergency fund to keep, what situations can improve your tax situations and related questions.

The reason why you should hire a financial advisor is they are well informed about the scheme and various investment plans; they are also helpful when it comes to the life settlement tax evaluation. Also, they can guide you when to take the right step else you may delay in taking a certain step that can affect your financial terms. This way you will not feel you being lost in planning for your financials for the future, you need to find a Financial advisor for Debt funds or when you decide to make any big investment or before some big event that is going to take place like studying abroad, marriage, retiring. If you are not so confident about your financial decisions and thus require a third party to guide you without forming any opinion about your financial condition and guide you to their best abilities.

For most of us, the financial pressures are something that leaves you with sleepless nights like cash flow, saving for a future or kids, covering loan repayments or a change to your family situation or you need a comprehensive financial plan. Consulting an advisor for long-term goals like retirement and short –term goals like education, buying a house, legacy planning, healthcare, insurance, etc.

For a safer future using online tools may help with their needs but in most cases, a one-on-one relationship with a financial advisor might be better suited. Although the value of financial advice may vary from time to time depending on the changing personal financial, market conditions and more.  Be smart once in choosing a wise financial advisor so you don’t have to worry later for your financial growth.

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