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Saving Money: How to Legally Reduce Your Taxes in India

Finance Tax Planning

Business numbers can be difficult, so it is common to have questions about reducing taxes. Among the many available tools, companies can use a gst calculator to offset the difficulty. There are still more challenges down the road, as reducing taxable income requires a specific skillset. Once you understand the basics, you’ll have no trouble navigating through the tough spots. 

Adjusted Gross Income

Pay attention to AGI to get the best tax cut possible. It is directly tied to the most favorable tax breaks for that particular year. It will also affect additional taxes and limitations as necessary. 


Reimbursement points to money that is used to compensate workers for entertainment, travel and other costs. Even tools that are necessary for the job will have a place here. Meeting IRS requirements in this field is mandatory for a good tax break. 

What Do You Qualify For?

Your company may fall under a completely different tax treatment than the previous year. A lot of the reductions in taxes are not automatic, yet when applied can lead to a significant deduction in costs. Small business owners in particular can deduct up to 20 percent as pass-throughs.

Tax Elections

If you’re strategic with your business expenditures, then reducing taxes for the current year will be your reward. The expense cap for these changes each year, so check into it before making mistakes with estimates. Overall, the biggest disruption to tax elections is when you move into a new tax bracket. 

Plan Ahead

If you’ve been keeping up with your financials, then there should be few surprises during tax season. By planning ahead, a business will have a nice cushion when taxes are owed for the year. Instead of a large payment taking you by surprise, it will only take a chunk of the money you set aside.  

Retirement Savings Plan

Setup or add to your retirement savings plan as needed. A few of the contributions the employer and employee make to an IRA are tax deductible. If there are tax credits to be had with an IRA, you need to claim them. This is beneficial for the employee and employer, so make sure to push the importance of IRA’s during the year. 


Carryovers are often overlooked since they are deductions and credits that you don’t qualify for. This is a current year barrier, so it opens the doors for future tax seasons. You can greatly reduce taxable income by using previously denied deductions and credits in future years. 


If a property lacks any positive value to the business, you can choose to abandon it. This triggers an ordinary loss that is deductible on your taxes. The value is important in this scenario, since it may be more lucrative to sell the property and then take the tax hit. Like all things on all returns, property abandonment should be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

Wrap Up

Follow the tips that are most relevant to your particular tax situation. A minimal amount of research will help reduce the taxes for any individual or business in India. Learn to manage taxes like your company, and all of the complexities of the process will seem minimalistic.