how to protect your NAC device from data loss

How to Protect your NAS Devices from Data Loss?


Last Updated on 12/12/2020 by Deepak Singla

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is one of the most trusted, and flexible storage devices. It is different from other storage devices. It is a file-level data storage server connected to a network. But that does not make it safe from data loss.

Let’s understand everything that can be done to prevent data loss from NAS devices.

Reasons for NAS Data Loss

Data loss in NAS devices can occur due to a lot of reasons:

  • Human Error: It can occur due to poor management of the drive by the user. This might happen due to various reasons which include improper formatting, re-installation, or overwriting of data. This makes it one of the most common types of errors.
  • Power Failures: Power failures can also lead to data loss. This can result in a sudden drive shut down or ejection. The same holds true when voltage fluctuations occur. This is because disks can be prevented from combining with the RAID in such cases.
  • Overheating: Overheating can also damage the device. This can happen if the cooling system does not work or if the device was made to operate in a heated environment. Drive failures are quite common in such cases.
  • Defective NAS Controllers: Fault within the NAS Controllers can also lead to data loss. This might occur as a result of improper rebuilds or if the memory configuration has been overwritten.
  • Mechanical Faults: Mechanical faults within the RAID systems of the drive can lead to data loss. This can happen even if a single hard drive suffers failure.

What Are the Benefits of NAS Devices?

NAS devices come with a lot of benefits like:

  • They allow users to access the stored data from multiple locations.
  • You can directly connect and sync them to the cloud.
  • NAS Devices are fast and reliable compared to other storage devices.
  • They are priced nominally when compared to the value they provide.
  • Data Privacy is given a high priority since they allow access only to users who meet the security norms. No other device comes close to this functionality.
  • NAS Devices are easy to set up and run and can be used to make your own media server.

Tips to Protect Data Loss from NAS Devices

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some useful tips that can help you protect your NAS device:

  • Access Rights:Every user should have the correct access right to the data. Such limited access keeps the data highly secure.
  • Backup and Encryption: The device should be regularly backed up. This includes encrypting the data for better security.
  • Initial Device Setup: NAS devices make use of secure RAID configuration. But, it is important to use the correct RAID setting. RAID-0 allows faster data access. RAID-5 is better when it comes to data security.
  • Testing before Scaling: You should consider testing your NAS device. This includes making sure the right people have the right access.
  • Ideal Standardization and Documentation: Using a standardized system helps during data recovery. Examples include the Microsoft File System and Linux. You should also consider documenting important details about the drive which include BIOS details, controller version, etc.
  • Focus on Quality: Consider the drive’s quality when you decide to buy drives for your system. The best drives come with various features such as fast access time and large caches. Also, consider buying drives of different batches as it will help you avoid any manufacturing related defects.

How to Recover Data from NAS Storage with Data Recovery Services?

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