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Regular Health Insurance Vs Government Health Insurance Schemes

Health Insurance Insurance

The Government of India (GoI) has introduced a number of government health insurance schemes to address various needs and provide access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Both the Central and State Government initiatives are included in the health insurance programs that the government offers. Both public and private health insurance plans have their own distinct advantages and features. It satisfies a variety of the policyholder’s needs. Let’s examine their differences.

Difference between Regular Health Insurance and Government Health Insurance Schemes-

Here are some key distinctions between Regular Health Insurance and Government Health Insurance Schemes-

Features Health Insurance at a Minimum Public Health Insurance Program
Eligibility accessible to all societal groups Only accessible to low-income groups
Amount Insured A maximum insurance amount of Rs. 1 crore A maximum of Rs. 5 lakh is insured.
Premium starting at Rs 200 per month (depending on the plan) From Rs. 100 per month and up, or completely covered by the government (depending on the plan)
Coverage provides greater coverage provides limited coverage
Room in a private hospital Available (depending on the plan) might or might not be obtainable
Policy acquisition Instant policy purchase is possible. Policy Buying might take some time.
Network Clinics numerous accredited private hospitals a sizable network of hospitals, both public and private
Benefits of Maternity Available (depending on the plan) Available (Only for a single child under some cases)
Emergency Room Fees offered in the majority of plans under a few different plans
Hospitalization Coverage at Home Available (depending on the plan) not accessible
Renewing Online Online renewal is possible either be renewed online or not
Cumulative Bonus If no claims were made during the previous policy year, available not accessible
Health Examination some plans include coverage not included
Premium Installment Facility for Each Month available with certain plans not accessible
Tax Advantages Under the Income Tax Act of 1961, available not accessible