Smartphone to Improve Your Finances

Getting the Best Out of Your Smartphone to Improve Your Finances


Many types of research about smartphone usage that were conducted in the Philippines came up with similar results. In the instance of Pew Research Center, it found out that those who are in the 18 to 29 years old bracket have reached a 94 percent use of the internet or own a smartphone. The research team also discovered that the majority of Filipinos are internet users, despite the fact that the income bracket did not factor in this research.

What is the implications of this?

In the era of technology, you are totally lost if you do not go with the flow. Gone is the time of hermit living. Yes, you can still live gadget-free but the limitations you have set unto yourself will greatly impact your standard of living. People nowadays are fully aware of the restrictions they have to endure if they do not possess these tools for communication. Internet and smartphones have indeed become necessities of life. Access to information matters the most. Included in this are the speed, ease, and accessibility of usage. Anything you want to know is practically on your palms, at any time and at any place. This is the all-encompassing importance of the internet and smartphone. It is not surprising that a large number of companies are gearing towards creating their own apps to meet the needs of consumers for less bothersome transactions.

Know how to rachet up your use of smartphone in the world of finance through these tips.

Settle your bills in a jiffy

pay bills on smartphone

How many times did you come home feeling exhausted and disappointed for wasting too much of your time just to queue to pay your bills? Be thankful that this difficulty is finally over. Nowadays,  you can easily download the app of your chosen bank, enroll the biller, and pay your bills from there. So as not to forget and miss any of your bills, automate your payments every month.

PLDT, which is one of the leading utility companies in the country, directly sends your monthly bills on your smartphone so you are always updated when and how much do you pay for the month. You are given the choice to pay online through several mobile wallet apps like G-Cash or an online banking system such as ING.  This makes your bill payments easier and trouble-free, including salary loan fast approval.

Consider online banking

Many people get so frustrated in having to wait in a long line just to withdraw their money from the bank or ATM. This is the reason why you must consider online banking. Besides, most of the purchases today are made online. Moreover, if you are working online, all your payments will be channelled to your online account. The good thing about online banking is that you can use your mobile phone to manage your finances, transfer money, and make transactions. Just download the app of your banking provider and that’s all you have to do.

If you have not opened a bank account yet, you can do so even if you are at home. Unlike conventional banking where you go to the bank, submit documentary requirements such as a birth certificate, a valid government ID, and ID picture, and fully accomplished forms given by a bank, and then waiting for your Passbook or ATM card to be released after several days, this time online banking allows bank accounts to be opened online. All that is required from you is to fill up the online application form, upload the required documents such as valid IDs and take a selfie of yourself. Just a few examples of banks that provide an online banking platform are Union Bank, ING, and CIMB. However, rules may still vary depending on what bank you prefer. There are those that might still ask you to appear personally in the bank to sign documents.

Money management became easier

There are many money management apps available online that can help you budget your money and keep track of your expenses. Keep a budget and count your money is very important as it allows you to make adjustments to your lifestyle depending on how much  you can afford. These mobile apps are amazing because they are very easy to use and accessible anywhere and anytime.

You can apply for a loan even if you are at home

Whether you are in the comforts of your bedroom or just lounging on your sofa, you can just reach out for your smartphone and start applying for a loan. All the requirements and forms you need can all be accomplished online at your most convenient time. Within just a few clicks and only a few minutes of waiting, your loan could be approved immediately.

When it comes to online lending companies, is the one you can trust. This lending company is the first in the Philippines that works with clients online without a human operator! Its work is fully automated. You can apply for a Robocash loan from its website or app just by using your smartphone and you will expect your loan to be granted in just minutes. When it comes to requirements, all you need is a photo of your government-issued ID, proof that you are employed or active in your profession, and a working mobile number. From that, you can make microloans that are payable in 30 days or more if you need an extension.

Mobile phones have truly transformed the way finances are transferred and handled these days. Things became easier and more convenient for many clients like you. With this, Robocash did not also stay behind as they offer various loan options for clients online.