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3 Easy-to-use Software to Help You Launch Your Startup Expertly


Last Updated on 28/04/2021 by Deepak Singla

As a small business owner launching a start-up business, you need software to operate efficiently. You alone can not be the web designer, social media manager, and content creator because wearing too many hats will wear you out and hamper your productivity.

With the help of easy-to-use software, you can get tasks done efficiently, save time, and run your business smoothly without outsourcing help.

This article will show you why software tools are necessary for your startup and equip you with three essential software you need to effectively launch and run your start-up.

The relevance of software for starting a startup business

Like other tools for business, software plays a vital role in the success of your startup. Check out the benefits of these software for your business.

●       It gives your customers a better experience

Software gives your customer the best experience.

For example, with the help of auto-responders, your customers won’t have to wait for long to get answers to the questions they need.

With the help of knowledge base software, your customers can find the relevant information they need about your business without contacting you.

They will also be able to troubleshoot problems easily and independently. All of these sums up to create a seamless and more desirable experience for your customers.

●     It saves time

As a small business owner, you need enough time to plan, strategize and collaborate to scale your business. But you won’t have time to do all of these if you have to respond to tons of messages and create content across several platforms every day.

Software helps you perform tasks so you can have enough free time to move your business forward.

●    It saves money

With the help of software, you really don’t have to spend a dime outsourcing for specific roles a software can handle effectively. This lets you pump the money you could have spent outsourcing into your business.

3 Core aspects of your business in need of software

There are three major aspects of your business that can only run efficiently with the help of software. See them below:

1.     Design and presentation

Your customers are moved by what they see, so the way you present your product goes a long way in determining if you will reach your sales goals or not.

When trying to reach and engage with your customer on your social media platforms, websites, and blogs, the way you present your content will determine if your audience will stick around and engage with you or click the exit button.

A good design helps you stand out from your competitors; it singles you out and gives your audience something to identify with.

Good design and presentation of your data, products, and offers also captures your audience’s attention and intrigues them to want to know more and participate in the information you pass across to them.

However, you can’t do this on your own, and you can’t achieve a compelling design and presentation your audience will love manually; this is where design software comes to play. Design apps give your content a turnaround by making it visually appealing and engaging.

With design software, you won’t have to bore your audience anymore with long and boring text. You can now create a pleasant lasting impression on your audience through compelling graphic design and presentation.

2.      Data management and organization 

How do you plan to store your business’s information? Surely, not manually.

Manual documentation of your business’s data is tasking, time-consuming and unreliable. It doesn’t allow your customers or employees to access information easily and efficiently.

However, with the help of organization and data management software, you can enable easy storage and access to your company’s data. Organization and data management software helps you categorize your data, so they are more accessible when people need them.

They help you classify and keep your data in an orderly fashion, so your customers and team members can easily find the specific information they are looking for without hassle. Organization and data management software also help to store your company’s data securely.

With organization and data management software, you can segregate private information from public information and have full control over who has access to your business data and doesn’t.

This type of software also means your data is more secure, which means you may never lose your company’s data if you take adequate measures to ensure it.

3.      Content marketing

Content marketing is the soul of your digital marketing strategy. You really can’t get anywhere with your online sales if you don’t invest in consistently posting quality content around your product and service.

Content marketing answers your audience questions, inspires trust, generates leads, and boosts your conversion rate.

Effective content marketing is consistent, but if you sit around all day creating and posting content, how will you find time to focus on other important aspects of your business? This is where content marketing software comes in.

Most content marketing software have one thing in common, and that is their ability to schedule posts.

By scheduling your posts, you won’t have to be there to get your content distributed among several social media platforms.

So, while you are focusing on other aspects of your business that matter, your content is being delivered to your audience in real-time, boosting engagement and converting your audience to customers.

3 Cool software you can maximize for kickoff

Here’s a list of three important software tools you may consider as you kick off your startup.

1.      PiktoChart

As a business owner,  you will need to learn how to make an infographic to convey your business data in an engaging way to your audience. They turn your data into compelling and easy-to-consume visuals so your audience can stay hooked on the message you want to pass across.

Piktochart is the perfect tool to create your infographics in minutes. It saves you time and lets you create beautiful infographics in no time.

You also don’t have to be an expert designer to use it. Even if you are just making infographics for the first time, you can create stunning designs quickly through its easy-to-use template.

It is easily customizable, so you can tweak and make the changes you need to personalize the infographics for your business.

With Piktochart,  you can easily customize your infographics by adding your company’s fonts and color pallet using its convenient drag and drop editor.

2.      Document360

Document360 comes with unique benefits that help you create a comprehensive knowledge base solution for your customers and team.

You should never underestimate the power of knowledge base software for the growth of your business. A knowledge base software is a platform that contains all the information your customers need about your product or service.

This includes guides, templates, and answers to all the questions they might have. It’s not restricted to your customers alone; you can also set up a knowledge base for your team.

This will include all the private information your team will need to perform tasks and troubleshoot any issues in your organization. With knowledge base software, your customers and team can get the support they need in real-time.

With the right SEO, knowledge base software can boost your visibility on Google because your business will easily pop when your customers search for terms relating to your business.

Document360 is a very effective knowledge base software that helps organize your knowledge base efficiently. With Document360, you can build a self-service knowledge base for your customers and create a private knowledge base for your team.

You can create how-to guides, update notes, upload answers to your customers frequently asked questions and do much more. Its markdown editor lets you create and edit your content easily, while the search and user analytics enables you to keep track of all the searches made on your knowledge base.

Document360 is also equipped with a search system that offers your customers and team suggestions when they use the search box, thereby making it easier for your customers and team members to find what they are looking for.

3.   Buffer

As a startup, you need the help of social media to grow your popularity, find new customers, and keep in touch with them. Social media management tools enable you to create content, post content efficiently and engage with your audience.

Buffer is one of the most prominent social media management tools. It helps you schedule all your social media posts so your content can post automatically without your help.

Buffer comes with an intuitive dashboard, mobile apps, and browser extension, making scheduling posts easier and faster for you. What’s more? Buffer is linked to all your social media pages so that it can post a particular content across all your social media pages at once.

This saves you time and also ensures your posts reach a wider audience.


Launching your startup business can be quite challenging. However, it gets easier when you make use of relevant software. By exploring the three relevant software discussed in this article, you are guaranteed to launch your startup business in the best way possible.