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Tea Export from India – Insights on How to Sell Internationally


Whether it is the Assamese aromatic tea, Turkish Oralet tea, or any other variety of tea, this is a beverage that people all over the world have fallen in love. Most sellers and brands have cashed in on its popularity and have been successfully running a tea business for a considerable amount of time. The process is done by infusing innovative technology and removing unnecessary middle men from the process to increase the profit that one can receive from a tea export business.  

The export business has become lucrative in the last few years, more so with the advent of e-commerce that extends support to customers in every global corner of the world. A small and a medium sized enterprise has benefitted significantly from these initiatives of Amazon. Not only they reach out to customers in India but any global corner of the world. With Amazon Global Selling, the process of registering and starting business is an easy task.

With an e-commerce exports program, Amazon Global Selling, the local business is something that can be taken to the rest of the world. Our country is a tea loving nation, so it is obvious that tea is something that can be taken to the global population. There is a need to understand on how tea export from India globally.

How is it possible to export tea from India?

  • Decide where you are planning to export your tea – firstly you need to understand global markets and the place where you want to export the products. Such a study will give you an idea on which is the best market place for exporting your products (in your case, it is tea). 
  • The necessary documentation has to be in a particular order – First and foremost, obtain PAN from the income tax department and then obtain IEC from DGFT. Only then you can start to export tea or other products from India. It is necessary for you to have an idea about the export rules and regulations of the country.
  • Locate customers – If you are setting up an online export business, it requires you to participate in trade fairs and buyer-seller meets. It might cost you a lot of time and money. On the other hand, the procedure to start an Amazon global selling business is a simple and easy task. You can reach around 18 global marketplaces via the program of Amazon Global Selling.
  • Ship and receive payments – Timely delivery not only builds trust among the customers but it also leads to repeated purchases. For international shipping, you may open a bank account in the respective country or payments can be collected in the Indian bank account. If you opt for Amazon Global Selling, it will provide the flexibility of both.

What are the reasons why it makes sense to export from India?

  • Enhance sales – It is possible to export products from India and minimize sales. You can participate in various events and this is part of various market places.
  • The demand for products is all around the year – Tea is in demand all around the year. So, this product can be exported via Amazon all the year round. 
  • A hassle-free form of shipping – To make the process of shipping easy for you, it is better to use FBA. You just need to send your products to the warehouse of Amazon. The company is going to handle the shipping, customer feedback, returns, and everything else related to the same. They are a one-stop solution for all the needs of your business.
  • Benefits of direct selling – It is possible to directly export from India to the international customers via the platform of Amazon Global Selling. An example is that a customer in USA can receive your products via Amazon USA. It is simple that you deliver the product and get the payment in your account.

The process of starting tea exports from India with Amazon

The aim of the program Amazon Global Selling is to help local tea sellers to go global in an easy and convenient manner. This program helps them to set up an account, and their products are listed in the international markets all over the world. With e-commerce exports, setting up an export business has become an easy task for the exporters. In the year 2018 alone, Amazon Global Selling helped tea sellers to sell close to 2 million units all across the globe.

They have around 300+ million global customers, and therefore, it becomes possible for Indian exporters to export tree from anywhere in the world without any hassle. The company is known to handle everything from shipping, storage, and customer service. It is also possible for the sellers to maximize international sales event like Black Friday, Ramazan, and others from international market places.

  • Registering the business – First and foremost, you need to register your business. You do not have to be an existing seller on Amazon and the registration can be done online with Amazon central. You are only required to submit a PAN card and KYC details.
  • The products are to be listed – After having registered to sell globally on Amazon, the next step involves the listing of the products. Make sure that the listed products include attractive product descriptions and images that would be clear to the international customers and they are able to obtain information about your product. It is possible to seek help from third party providers for creating listings.
  • Ship and receive payments – The moment a customer places an order, you can opt for an FBA or plan to undertake the order at your own end. The moment a customer purchases a product, the amount is credited in your account, and it will be the currency of your choice.

By adhering to the above-mentioned steps and using the benefits offered by the program of Amazon Global Selling, you can successfully enhance your tea export business.