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Top 25 You Tubers in India (2022)


YouTube Google’s fastest-growing business is the largest video sharing platform. Facebook, it is the fastest-growing social media platform. YouTubers are the people who make videos on the site.

Youtube has around 1.8 billion registered monthly logged-in users and 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day since its inception in 2005. YouTube also introduced ‘YouTube Shorts,’ which allows producers to post short videos of less than 60 seconds. Its popularity is fast-growing, and many creators are flocking to it.

We’ve all heard of YouTube, but have you ever considered how it can help you earn a lot of money? YouTube has recently become one of the most well-known sites for entertainment, education, and making money.

Hundreds of films are uploaded to YouTube every hour by businesses, individuals, charities, and other groups, and viewers eagerly await to see them. According to a report, 5.5 billion videos are seen by 30 million individuals worldwide.

Top 25 YouTubers in India

  1. Bhuvaneshwar Bam (BB ki Vines)

Who hasn’t heard of this personality? He has made so many of us laugh, even when we were in the worst of moods. He was born on January 24, 1994, in New Delhi, and has become one of India’s most well-known YouTubers. He has become a YouTube sensation all around the world.

He uploads videos daily, and his content is mostly comedic. It’s admirable that he plays three or four roles himself to keep the audience amused. He has over 10 million YouTube subscribers; his channel became one of the most popular in 2016 and won the WebTV Asia award in Seoul.

You’d be surprised to learn that he, too, is a musician who makes a living by doing live gigs. He began his singing career in Delhi’s bars. He is unquestionably a versatile individual, as he is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and, of course, a terrific comedian.

He has almost 3.8 million Twitter followers, 14.1 million Instagram followers, and 7.2 million Facebook fans. Some of his videos have received over 25 million views. His monthly earnings are expected to be between 25 lakhs.

2. Amit Bhadana

He has over 10 million subscribers and is well-known in the YouTube community. He was born on September 7, 1991, in Faridabad. When he first started his channel, he didn’t notify his parents since he was afraid of them.

Amit Badhana makes hilarious films, and he has a lot of them with slice-of-life stuff, romances, and comedic skits. He simply does not want to stop filming videos; his goal is to develop a full-length Bollywood film since he admires Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan.

He has over 50 million Twitter followers, 6.5 million Instagram followers, and over 9.2 million Facebook friends. He makes between $15K and $235K every month.

  1. CarryMinati

CarryMinati, actual name Ajey Nagar, has 33 million subscribers and is India’s most popular YouTuber. CarryMinati is the name of his channel. Ajay joined YouTube on October 30, 2014, and primarily posts roasting videos. CarryMinati’s subscribers increased as a result of the YouTube vs. TikTok conflict, and he is currently ranked first among Indian YouTubers. He uploaded a total of 176 videos, some of which were original music videos. Yalgaar, his song, went viral, garnering 266 million views. CarryMinati has 33 million subscribers and 2.6 billion views on YouTube.

Ajey also has a gaming channel with 10 million subscribers, which he recently surpassed. Carry was also named to the list of the 200 most influential persons in Asia 2020.

  1. Tanmay Bhat

He is one of the most popular YouTubers. AIB is India’s best comedy collective on YouTube, and it was founded by Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba. However, they now have two new members in their group: Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya.

This YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers and is well-known for standup comedy that combines serious subjects with fun. Tanmay Bhat is a hulking man with a carefree demeanor, a devilish grin, and naughty eyes; he was born in Mumbai in 1987.

You might be astonished to learn that he was also one of India’s youngest millionaires, having gained so much money through YouTube. His name appeared in Forbes as the youngest millionaire; it must be an exciting time for him to be in the company of Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan.

He began displaying his hilarious talent in 2009, and he was also a member of Weirdass Comedy. He has also performed numerous stand-up comedy events.

  1. Ashish Chanchlani


An Indian creator who rose to prominence first on Vine, then on YouTube with his channel. He was born on November 7, 1993, in Ulhasnagar, Maharastra. He graduated from Datta Megha College of Engineering in Mumbai with a in Civil Engineering.

To begin his career, he enrolled in the Berry John acting studio. He has achieved a great deal of success now, and the best part is that his family has always been there for him during his difficult times.

His videos are built on humor and include day-to-day activities, relationships, and much more. His content is truly wonderful, and people can relate to it, which is why they adore his videos and become YouTube sensations.

He started his YouTube channel in 2009, and people admire him because his stuff is unique and he presents it entertainingly. He has over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, 356K Twitter followers, about 2.7 million Instagram admirers, and 2.8 million Facebook fans. He makes between $11.5K to $180,000 each month.

  1. Harsh Beniwal

He is well-known for his short humorous videos and made his acting debut in the film Student of the Year 2. As a result, he is not only a YouTuber  but also a Vine star and an actor. On February 13, 1996, he was born and reared in Delhi. He graduated from Shri Aurobindo College with a B.C.A.

He first joined a dancing company and later an acting school since he aspired to be an entertainer. He aspired to be a Bollywood actor and began to pursue this goal. He began making Dubsmash films, which were highly amusing and popular, and he became well-known as a result.

Following that, in 2013, he began posting content on Instagram, and then he began creating YouTube videos, which propelled him to fame. People enjoy his videos, which is why he has over 4.5 million subscribers. Today, he is a YouTube sensation.

His YouTube channel is managed by a business named, which also administers Amit Badhana’s account. He has 158K Twitter followers, 1.5 million Instagram followers, and over 1.5 million Facebook friends. He makes between $5,000 and $80,000 every year.

  1. Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is the first YouTuber that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to beauty and fashion. She launched her YouTube account in 2014 and now has over 1.38 million subscribers. Sejal is from Delhi, and she makes fashion and lifestyle movies with fantastic music in the backdrop. Her adorable grin and incredible fashion sense have made her a celebrity.

She has now established herself as one of the finest fashion influencers on YouTube simply by generating amazing videos that her audience adore. She is extremely popular among fashion bloggers, which is why she is ranked first on the list of beauty and fashion YouTubers. Her monthly income is expected to be between $413 and $6.6K.

  1. Komal Pandey

She works with fashion material and creates fantastic films on how to better style and accessorise items. Her style is outstanding, which is why she has over 983K subscribers and 710K followers. Her blogs on fashion, lifestyle hacks, and beauty are well-liked and read by a large number of people.

She worked for POPxo for almost 1.5 years, creating over 400 videos with them; after that, she chose to launch her channel, which has since been incredibly successful. The nicest part about her content is that she helps women of all ages look and dress better for any occasion.

  1. Shruti Arjun Anand

Simply visiting her channel will meet all of your makeup and hair-related needs. She made her first video in the United States in her leisure time initially, but her family encouraged her to make it a full-time career because many people admired her work.

She is the mother of a lovely daughter and has established her own company, Shruti Makeup Percent Beauty Private Limited. She currently has 9.46 million subscribers, and this number is growing by the day.

You can watch her videos to see how effortlessly she creates hairstyles and makeup that inspire many people and make them look better than they were before. Her monthly earnings are expected to be between $12.6K and $200.8K.

  1. Kritika Khurana

She is well-known as “that bohemian gal.” Kritika is well-known for her love of bohemian clothes paired with a fashionable jewellery. She is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs, as evidenced by her films, which cover topics such as clothing styling, accessorizing, makeup, hair styling, and so on.

She is the embodiment of creativity and a source of inspiration for nearly every girl in India. Kritika began her YouTube channel in 2016, and she already has over 493K subscribers and 640K followers. She has modeled and promoted for major brands such as Pantene, Mama Earth, and others.

You’ll see her twinning with her sister and making fashion and styling films that are both helpful and fun in many of her videos. Her monthly income is expected to be between $534K and $8.5K.

  1. Shreya Jain

She is one of India’s top YouTubers because her fashion and styling videos are informative and full of energy and liveliness. She is a Delhi-based blogger, and her YouTube channel is called’sjlovesjewelry.’ She creates a lot of films about beauty tips, makeup, hair styling, tutorials, challenges, and other topics.

Shreya began her YouTube channel in 2010 and has since been well-known for her amazing work. She has 702 thousand subscribers and 336 thousand followers. The positive aspect of her videos is that she assists individuals in purchasing economical and dependable products for better health and skincare. Her monthly income is expected to be between $305 and $4.9K.

India’s Top Tech YouTubers

  1. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)

He is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India, with over 9 million subscribers. He was born on May 7, 1991, in Ajmer, Rajasthan, and currently resides in Al Garhoud, Dubai, UAE.

Gaurav Chaudhary is the channel’s creator, and his channel is unusual in that it teaches technical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. He also answers viewer questions on a variety of topics such as the Internet, computers, smartphones, and much more.

He began his YouTube channel in 2015 and posted his videos in Hindi to make them easier to understand. He makes videos that are useful, instructive, and easy to grasp.

He has 1.46 million Twitter followers, over 500K Instagram followers, and 270K Facebook friends. His monthly income is reported to be between $16K and $250K.

  1. Ranjit Kumar (Geekyranjit)


Geekyranjit is the name of his YouTube channel, which has become one of India’s most popular tech niche channels. He launched his YouTube channel on January 6, 2011, and he also has a website called He currently has 112K subscribers and over 3.17 million followers.

This technology specialist is from Hyderabad, and he provides videos on the newest updates and reviews on smartphones, gadgets, Android tips & tricks, and other digital products that we use. He used to work at an IT company, but he quit to start his own business, and he is now a full-time YouTuber. Ranjit earns between $5 and $73 every month.

  1. Praval Sharma (Sharmaji Technical)


He is a Delhi-based YouTuber who has grown to become one of India’s most popular YouTubers. Preval’s YouTube channel was the first to post videos about reviews, tech news, the newest update, and other technology-related topics. He used to work as an engineer in the IT industry before establishing his channel, but he left to start his own.

He currently has 1.6 million subscribers and has released over 3300 tech videos in which he gives information on unboxing smartphones, tips and techniques for phone use, reviews, and much more. The fact that he makes his videos in Hindi means that those who wish to learn and comprehend technology in Hindi can also subscribe to his channel.

  1. Abhishek Bhatnagar (Gadgets to use)

He is a professional writer and self-employed Web consultant who launched his YouTube channel on March 29, 2011. His YouTube channel is called ‘Gadgets to Use.’ Viewers enjoy his channel due to the unbiased assessments he provides, as well as the information he provides.

He is a software engineer by trade and has worked for several well-known companies, but he left his job to launch a technology media website called “Technixmedia.” Later, he launched his YouTube channel to educate people about devices and their applications.

He posts films about devices, their reviews, features, advantages and downsides, how to use them, and much more. Abhishek has over 1 million users and 932K members and earns between $191 and $3.1K each month.

  1. Abhishek Sagar (Technical Sagar)

He is a Delhi-based ethical hacker with his own YouTube channels, Technical Sagar and Sagar ki Vani. Abhishek posts videos about cybersecurity, tech news, reviews, and other topics. He claims to be a self-made and self-taught individual. He has over 183K subscribers, 2.6M followers, and over 1500 videos.

He also began with a 14-day rapid hacking course for beginners, which became extremely popular due to the quality of the information and how he taught things. Abhishek claims that he has had a fascination for the internet and ethical hacking since he was in college, which is why he created and became successful with a blog about it. He worked hard to get to this point, and now he earns between $37 and $600 per month.

India’s Top Food YouTubers

  1. Nisha Madhulika

She has a motivational narrative that has inspired many females in India and around the world. Nisha aunty was feeling depressed and lonely because her children had grown up and gone out. Instead of wallowing in her grief, she decided to do something helpful, so she started a culinary blog.

She began her culinary blog at the age of 52, and it has now been 7 years. She has won many hearts, resulting in millions of followers. In the beginning, her spouse was constantly there to assist her in creating and editing videos.

But now she has a team of five people who do it for her. Her movies teach homemakers how to create delicious meals while also demonstrating the fun of cooking. She has created over 100 recipes and demonstrates how simple spices and ingredients can be used to create delectable feasts.

She has over 3.6 million subscribers and is regarded as one of India’s best food recipe YouTubers. She was also featured on YouTube in the top chef’s table book. She is doing what she enjoys, and this inspires others to do the same.

She has 1835 Twitter followers, over 6.2K Instagram followers, and over 500K Facebook admirers. She makes between $8.1K to $125,000 each month.

  1. Kabita Singh (Kabita’s Kitchen)

When it comes to cooking and delectable meals, she is one of India’s top YouTubers. Kabita’s Kitchen is the name of her YouTube channel. She creates dishes that are simple to prepare and uses items that are readily available in your home. People enjoy watching her films since she concentrates on duplicating any cuisine using simple and quick approaches.

Kabita began her YouTube channel on October 7, 2014, and has since released over 1000 videos. She has 6.64 million subscribers, 823K Facebook followers, and 372K Instagram followers. She mainly cooks Indian cuisine, so you may learn how to create a variety of Indian recipes from her channel. Kabita earns between $8.9K and $141.7K per month.

  1. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Sanjeev Kapoor, a well-known chef, and entrepreneur, owns this channel. If you want to create tried and true dishes from India and throughout the world, his channel should be your first stop. He launched his YouTube channel in 2009, and his videos feature delectable meals using simple ingredients and a casual cooking technique.

Sanjeev has over 6.44 million subscribers and has posted over 9K videos with 1,19,39,57,383 views, which are growing by the day. He is one of the most well-known Indian and international chefs; thus, his channel is a must-follow because it is full of healthy and delectable dishes, and he also tells you about healthy eating.

  1. Kanak Kathuria (Kanak’s Kitchen)


Kanak’s Kitchen is the name of her YouTube channel, and she generally presents recipes for Indian dishes. She was also a competitor in Season 1 of Master Chef India. Her channel’s strength is that she creates delectable yet simple and quick Indian meals.

Kanak launched her YouTube channel in 2015, and she now has over 670K subscribers and 395K Facebook followers. You should subscribe to her channel if you want to learn new recipes in novel ways. Her films are short and to-the-point; you’ll find high-quality content on them, which is why her popularity is growing.

  1. Archana Hebbar (Hebbars Kitchen)


Hebbar’s Kitchen is the name of her YouTube channel. They teach you how to cook a meal, chutney, side dishes, beverages, desserts, and other foods in under two minutes. Wow is the only word to describe this channel. They aspire to promote Indian dishes to people of all ages and are working hard to achieve this goal.

They also offer an app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, so you can instantly access the recipes and videos on your phone without having to search. Their channel was launched on October 10, 2015, and it currently has over 5.83 million subscribers.

It is a good channel because it contains all of the vegetarian dishes that you can easily test at home without the need for an oven or microwave. Their monthly earnings range from $10.7K to $170.7K.

India’s Top Travel YouTubers

  1. Vagish Varun (Mountain Trekker)

He is a well-known travel vlogger from Delhi, and his YouTube channel is called Mountain Trekker. He began his career as a journalist, then as a radio broadcaster and academician, but he abandoned his work to travel full-time.

Varun is one of the most prominent Indian YouTubers due to the high quality of his videos. He uploads films of himself trekking and engaging in various types of activities in breathtaking locations across the world. He started his channel in 2007, and he now has over 1.36 million subscribers and has released over 400 videos.

He typically broadcasts films of mountains, valleys, and other undiscovered areas. Varun has traveled to the United States, Serbia, Canada, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Bali, Georgia, and Russia, among other locations.

  1. Ayush Dinker (Ethereal)

He is well-known for his YouTube channel, Ethereal. He is a Delhi-based enthusiast and travel YouTuber. He launched his channel in 2013 to direct us to the deeper concerns in life through fact-finding and raveled story-telling about the human condition.

Ayush received his mechanical engineering degree from BITS, Ranchi, and subsequently transitioned to filmmaking before launching his own YouTube channel. On YouTube, he has over 137K followers and 9,444 349 views.

If you enjoy exploring and learning new things about travel, you should subscribe to his channel. In his movies, he discussed everything about the location, from its history to its physical location and other interesting information.

  1. Deepanshu Sangwan (Nomadic Indian)


It has almost 929K subscribers and is another excellent backpacker. He is a YouTuber and travel enthusiast who launched his channel in May 2017. Deepanshu has been to and broadcast movies from places such as Vietnam, Laos, Russia, Armenia, and Thailand.

He was prepared for contests such as CAT and SSC, but he left in the middle to travel. So, after watching his films, you will want to visit the same spot since he informs us about it in-depth, offers great videos, and tells us about other sites you can visit in that city, about local food, and much more. Deepanshu has approximately 34.5K followers, and this figure is growing by the day due to the excellent videos that he posts.

  1. Saravana Kumar (India in motion)

His YouTube channel is called “India in Motion,” and it is all about his love of exploring. He is an avid traveler, vlogger, blogger, and travel photographer. Saravana began his YouTube channel in August 2014 and has traveled to various areas including Manali, Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Kinnaur, Pin Valley, and many others.

His YouTube account is a “one-person effort and personal initiative to investigate and document life in the Indian Himalayas and beyond,” he claims. In his videos, you can observe the beauty of India’s landscapes and other places of the world.

Saravana’s videos feature amusing shooting approaches, as well as advice on what to bring and what to avoid if you’re visiting a new location. He has 214K followers and makes between $79 and $1.3K every month.

  1. Kritika Goel

She is a Tamil Nadu-based travel and lifestyle YouTuber. She posted blogs and films about her personal life as well as her travels, which is pretty interesting. She launched her YouTube account in 2007 and has amassed 241K subscribers in just a few years.

She has visited several destinations in India and overseas, including the United States, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iceland, and many others. She has posted around 250 videos so far, with millions of views.

In her movies, she discusses travel dos and don’ts, the equipment needed to capture videos, her experience traveling overseas, and much more. Kritika earns between $250 and $4000 per month.