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11 Best Travel Credit Cards in India 2022: Compare & Apply

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Travelling is always a good way to escape from your mundane routine. Planning a journey includes googling the costs associated like flight tickets, hotel rent, and so on. But what if you could travel for free? That would be great, right?

With the best travel credit cards, this fantasy of yours becomes reality.

travel credit cards

The travel credit cards are designed in a way to reduce the burden of costs on you. From lounge access to aeroplane tickets, the Best travel card has got you covered. However, saying is one thing and finding the best credit card for travel in India is another.

Every bank portrays their credit cards as the very best in the market. And that is rarely true! Don’t worry because we have run several comparisons and analysed hundreds of reviews to bring you this list of best travel credit cards in India. So, what are you waiting for? Your dream destination is just a travel credit card away.

List of 11 Best Travel Credit Cards in India 2022

Sl. No. Travel Credit Card Name Joining Fee Annual Fee Interest Rate (per annum)
1. JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Credit Card INR 10,000 INR 5,000 23.88%
2. Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit Card INR 3,500 INR 3,500 41.75%
3. Yatra SBI Credit Card INR 499 INR 499 40.20%
4. Air India SBI Platinum Credit Card INR 1,499 INR 1,499 40.40%
5. Citi PremierMiles Credit Card INR 3,000 INR 3,000 37.20%
6. Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage American Express Card Nil INR 2,000 46%
7. Standard Chartered Yatra Premium Card INR 499 INR 499 37.20%
8. Axis Bank Vistara Signature Card INR 3,000 INR 3,000 49.36%
9. American Express Platinum Credit Card INR 3,500 INR 5,000 42%
10. MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card INR 500 Nil 40.20%
11. HDFC Superia Credit Card INR 0 (If you spend INR 15,000 in 90 days) INR 0 (If you spend INR 75,000 in a year) 36.60%

1. JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Credit Card

JetPrivilege HDFC Diners Club Credit Card is one of the best Travel Credit Cards in India. It serves you with premium facilities and amazing travel benefits.

Features and Benefits:

  • Joining Bonus of 30,000 JPMiles and 15 Jet Privilege Tier Points
  • 5% discount if you book economy class tickets via Jet Airways
  • Premium check-in and extra baggage allowance at pre-decided Indian airports
  • 8JPMiles for regular expenses and 24 JPMiles on air tickets booked via JetAirways
  • Unlimited and free access to airport lounges
  • Fine dining benefits at top-rated restaurants
  • 24×7 concierge services for your bookings.
  • Annual fee waiver if you spend INR 8 lakhs annually


  • INR 150 spent on retail expenses = 8 InterMiles
  • INR 150 spent on flight bookings via InterMiles website = 16 InterMiles


Joining Fee: INR 10,000 (INR 0 if a new account is opened)

Annual Fee: INR 5,000

2. AXIS Bank Miles & More World Credit Card

AXIS Bank Miles & More World Credit Card is the perfect credit card if you are a frequent air traveller. It will give you access to the premium air lounges of India among other benefits.

Features and Benefits:

  • 55,000 miles in the first year of membership
  • 2 free priority pass lounges visit every year
  • 4 MasterCard lounges free visits per quarter
  • Complimentary insurance to cover for baggage loss, car loss, or air insurance


  • 20 points on every 200 spent
  • 4 points on every 200 spent


Joining fee: INR 3,500

Annual fee: INR 3,500

3. Yatra SBI Card

Yatra SBI Card is a credit card from SBI brought to you in partnership with It provides you with amazing benefits every time you make a booking on

Features and Benefits:

  • A discount of up to INR 1000 on domestic flight bookings on
  • A discount of up to INR 4000 on international flight bookings via
  • 2 free visits to airport lounges every quarter in India
  • 20% off on hotel bookings via
  • Air accident insurance worth INR 50 lakhs
  • Annual fee waiver from the second year if the total expenditure in the previous year is more than INR 1 lakh

Rewards Value:

1 reward point = INR 0.25


Joining fee: INR 499

Annual fee: INR 499

4. Air India SBI Platinum Card

Air India SBI Platinum is perfect for all the regular Air India travellers and one of the best travel cards. You get several benefits like accelerated rewards, free airport lounge access, and so on.

Features and Benefits:

  • INR 100 spent on Air India flight tickets = 15 reward points
  • 2000 reward points as a renewal bonus every year.
  • 8 free airport lounge visits every year
  • Cover worth INR 1 lakh in case your card gets lost.


1 reward point = 1 mile


Joining Fee: INR 1,499

Annual Fee: INR 1,499

5. Citi PremierMiles Card

Citi PremierMiles Card is a credit card for travel offers that gives you access to amazing deals on both domestic and international flight bookings. It has a partnership with over 100 airlines and so, will help you save money on flights regardless of the airline you travel with.

Features and Benefits:

  • 10,000 miles on the first expenditure exceeding INR 1000 within 60 days of issuing the card
  • 3000 miles on every renewal
  • On every INR 100 spent on hotel and flight bookings via PremierMiles website, you will receive 10 miles
  • Access to selected airport lounges in India


  • 4 miles per INR 100 spent
  • 1 reward point = INR 0.45
  • Reward redemption rate = 1.8%


Joining Fee: INR 3,000

Annual Fee: INR 3,000

6. Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage American Express Card

Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Amex Card is one of the best credit cards for travel in India. Not only does it provide discounts on domestic flights, but also on international flights.

Features and Benefits:

  • 5% base fare discount on both domestic and international flights via Jet Airways.
  • Access to 600+ airport lounges worldwide
  • On every INR 100 spent on Jet Airways, you will receive up to 8 JPMiles.
  • 4 JPMiles on other expenses


  • 4 reward points for every INR 100 spent on JetAirways on weekdays
  • 6 reward points for every INR 100 spent on JetAirways on weekends
  • 2 reward points on other expenses (weekdays)
  • 3 reward points on other expenses (weekends)


Joining fee: Nil

Annual fee: INR 2,000

7. Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card

Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card is ideal for any traveller willing for a way to reduce their travel expenses. It provides excellent cashback offers and discounts on flights and hotel bookings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sign up bonus of INR 4000 Yatra voucher
  • 10% cash back on travel bookings
  • 4 points on every INR 100 spent via Yatra
  • 2 points on other expenses
  • Waivers on flight cancellation fees for all tickets you book via
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver
  • Dining and shopping discounts


INR 100 spent = 4 points


Joining fee: INR 499

Annual fee: INR 499

8. Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card

Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card offers amazing discounts and benefits on flights. These include insurance, free tickets, and more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Free premium economy ticket as a sign-up bonus
  • Priority check-in and additional baggage allowance
  • 4 Club Vistara Points on every INR 200 spent
  • If you spend INR 75,000 within 90 days of card issuance, then you will receive 3000 bonus Club Vistara points
  • Free lounge access at selected airports
  • Win 3 Premium Economy tickets if you achieve the target expenses in a year
  • Air accident insurance worth INR 2.5 crore
  • Purchase protection insurance of up to INR 1 lakh
  • Lost card liability cover

Rewards Value:

Club Vistara (CV) points can be redeemed against the Vistara flights or other flights of partnered airlines


Joining Fee: INR 3,000

Annual Fee: INR 3,000

9. American Express Platinum Credit Card

American Express Platinum Credit Card is the travel card you need if you are a frequent traveller. It offers exciting rewards and vouchers for purchasing tickets at Indigo airlines.

Features and Benefits:

  • INR 4,000 worth Indigo vouchers as welcome gift
  • INR 7,700 Spicejet vouchers if you spend INR 1.90 lakhs every year
  • INR 10,000 voucher from the Taj group and INR 11,800 Indigo voucher if you spend INR 4 lakhs in a year.
  • Zero Lost Card Liability
  • Bonus milestone rewards
  • 24×7 Platinum assistance
  • Emergency card replacement
  • 3% cashback at fuel stations

Rewards Value:

Reward exchange rate: up to 8%


Joining Fee: INR 3,500

Annual Fee: INR 5,000

10.  MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card

MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card is the best travel card in India for regular flyers who use MakeMyTrip. This card will provide you with amazing benefits on both on and outside MMT.

Features and Benefits:

  • Joining bonus worth INR 2,500
  • 1 complimentary lounge visit every quarter
  • 1000 points on spending INR 2.5 lakh per year.
  • INR 200 spent on hotel booking at MMT earns you 3 points
  • 1000 points if you spend INR 50,000 on MMT


  • INR 1 MyCash on every INR 200 spent on Domestic expenses at MMT
  • INR 1.25 MyCash on every INR 200 on International expenses
  • INR 2 MyCash per INR 200 spent on flight bookings via MMT
  • INR 3 MyCash per INR 200 spent on hotel or holiday bookings on MMT


Joining fee: INR 500

Annual fee: Nil

11. HDFC Superia Credit Card

HDFC Superia Credit Card is a travel card with attractive benefits. It gives you all the perks you could think of starting from lounge access to massive discounts on purchases.

Features and Benefits:

  • Welcome offer of 1000 reward points
  • 3 reward points on every INR 150 spent
  • 2X reward points if you spend INR 150 on dining costs
  • Complimentary Priority Pass Membership
  • Renewal benefit of 1000 points
  • Annual fee waived off if you spend INR 15,000 within 90 days of card issuance
  • Interest-free period up to 50 days from the day of issuance of your credit card.


  • 3 points = INR 150 spent
  • 2X reward points on spending INR 150 at premium dining places
  • Reward points can be redeemed in exchange for air miles valid for 20+ airlines


  • Joining fee: INR 0 (If you spend INR 15,000 in 90 days)
  • Annual fee: INR 0 (If you spend INR 75,000 annually)

Benefits of Buying a Travel Credit Card?

Banks provide several benefits on their credit cards. Similarly, if you get a credit card for travel offers, then you will be able to enjoy numerous travel-related benefits from your card. Given below are some of the same:

1.  Rewards

Travel Credit cards will also provide extra rewards when you buy tickets and make hotel bookings via partner websites of the card. These rewards can be exchanged for gifts, more benefits, or air miles.

2.  Air Miles

Unlike other categories of credit cards, travel cards do not offer reward points mostly. Instead, you will receive air miles on travel credit cards every time you use the card to buy something. If any card offers reward points, those can be redeemed for air miles.

3.  Airport Lounge Access

Best Travel credit cards allow passengers to access domestic and international lounges for free. You will also receive priority pass as a common lounge access method. Complimentary membership is also provided for airport lounge access.

4.  Co-branded Benefits

Several banks have recently launched a variety of credit cards brought branded in association with travel websites and airlines. For example, JetAirways HDFC Superia, SBI Yatra, MakeMyTrip ICICI Card, etc. These cards will provide exclusive benefits when you purchase tickets at the company they have co-branded with.

5.  Vouchers

A travel-centric credit card is likely to have a partnership with one or more airlines company. So, when you spend money using your travel card, you might receive travel vouchers with any travel website or airlines.

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How do I Choose the Best Travel Credit Card?

There are a lot of Best Travel credit cards available in the market. It is easy to get confused while choosing the right credit cards. A lot of people might not know that there is a certain modus operandi for selecting the ideal credit card.

Read on to find out how to choose the best credit card for travel:

Make sure you know what you want

Wait for a second before starting to look for travel cards and ask yourself what kind of travel benefits you want. Decide if you want a co-branded card or a general one. Moreover, ask yourself if you need to earn more air miles or not. Also, keep in mind the online travel website or the airline company you fly mostly with. Other questions include if you need lounge access or not and if travel insurance cover is desired or not.

Based on these decisions you can proceed to choose any one or more of the following cards:

  • Co-Branded Travel Cards if you prefer a brand
  • Travel Cards with extra rewards to allow flexible usage
  • Travel Card with lounge access for frequent flyers

Comparing Travel Credit Cards Online

Once you have jotted down a handful of credit cards, it’s time to compare them and decide which one is the best travel card. You can compare them based on certain aspects that are mentioned below:

  • Annual Fee

It goes without say, the annual fee charged for your credit card should be affordable. Moreover, the annual fee should be in line with the rewards and benefits provided. There is no point in paying more for low benefits. So, make sure that the fee is reasonable and won’t cut a hole in your pocket.

  • Rewards

You must pay attention to the rewards and benefits the travel credit cards provide. The thumb rule is to pick the one that provides the most rewards. However, that isn’t quite wise all the time. You should find a card that has its rewards program balanced with all other aspects. Also, make sure that you don’t end up paying too much for too fewer rewards.

  • Air Miles

Like the aforementioned points, checking out the number of air miles offered for a specific expenditure is necessary too. Compare the figure with that of the other cards and choose accordingly.

  • Lounge Access

Usually, the Best travel credit card in India will offer access to airport lounges for free. But, it might not be unlimited all the time and could also be restricted to selected lounges. This is really important to consider if you travel frequently. Otherwise, this category of benefits won’t matter much.

  • Joining Bonus

When you sign-up for a credit card, you receive a joining or sign-up bonus. Now, this could be anything from a massive amount of air miles to rewards. After comparing annual fee, rewards, and lounge access, you need to take a look at the joining bonus. This is also known as a welcome bonus and often compensates the joining fee.

  • Other Perks

Lastly, you should also look for non-travel centric benefits like shopping, dining, movies, etc. Dining benefits could be really useful while you travel. So, keep an open eye for it because credit cards travel offers could also provide some great benefits in other categories. You could also compare the concierge benefits.

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How to Apply for a Travel Credit Card Online?

Step 1. Visit the website of the bank whose credit card you want to buy. Else go to a partner website of the bank.

Step 2. Register yourself, i.e. create an account if you don’t already have one.

Step 3. Now, choose your preferred credit card.

Step 4. Fill up the application form and submit it.

Step 5. You will receive a confirmation ID once the application has been successful.

Eligibility to Apply for a Credit Card for Travel

  • Indian citizen
  • Salaried or Self-employed
  • Good Credit Record
  • Minimum Entry Age = 21 years
  • Maximum Entry Age = 60 to 65 years

Documents Required to Apply for a Travel Credit Cards

Different banks have a different set of documents required for application of travel cards in India. However, some of the general requirements are as follows:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar card
  • 1 passport size photo
  • 2 months’ salary slips or IT returns
  • ID proof
  • Address proof: Aadhaar, Voter ID, Passport, etc.

Tips to Stay Safe while using a Travel Credit Card

Travel Credit Cards in India come with several benefits. However, you need to be careful and make proper use of the card to receive the maximum perks. Given below are some tips to help you with the same.

  • To make the most out of your card, make your travel plans around the travel benefits provided by the card
  • To avoid last-minute worries, you need to register for lounge access program the moment you receive your card
  • Stay updated with the best travel offers provided by your card.
  • Never ignore the rewards and air miles provided by the card
  • Don’t let your credit card bills become overdue as that will lead to higher interest rates
  • Also, don’t use the rewards for non-travel purposes.

FAQs About Travel Credit Cards

Q1. Can I get more than one travel credit card?

Ans. You can purchase as many travel credit cards as you want. However, make sure if it will be beneficial for you or not. Too many credit cards might lead to excessive bills and not many benefits.

If you are a frequent traveller and witness that one credit card offers benefits in a certain sector, suppose, lounge access. And another is good with providing rewards, then you might purchase both of them.

Q2. Why should I purchase a credit card for travel in India?

Ans. Travelling expenses just like all other costs are on the rise. The best travel credit cards brought forward by banks in India reduce such travel-centric expenses by a massive bar. So, purchasing a travel credit card would be very useful if you travel regularly.

Q3. Do I need to fulfil any eligibility criteria to apply for a travel credit card?

Ans. Yes, every bank has a set of eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil in order to apply for a travel card. These could include your age that should be in the range of 21 to 65 years, your income, credit score, and so on.

Q4. Do I need a good credit score to apply for a credit card to pay for travel?

Ans. Yes, you do need a decent credit score so that your application for a travel credit card doesn’t get rejected. Generally, a credit score in the range of 670 to 740 is considered good enough.

Q5. Can I use my Travel Credit Cards for purposes other than travel?

Ans. Yes, you can use any credit card for all your expenses. Travel Credit Cards too can be used for other purposes apart from travel. The speciality of these cards is that they provide extra benefits for travel-related spending.

Final Thoughts

All the travel credit cards in this article have their own unique set of perks. So, if you can’t choose just one card, then you can also purchase around 2 to 3 travel cards. The ideal travel credit card suited to your specific needs depends majorly on your annual income and your travel patterns. We hope that you find your interests met in this article.

Please share your remarks with us in the comments below!