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How to Buy Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum for $15

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Last Updated on 13/07/2021 by Deepak Singla

This is not a joke, but reality. At the brokerage company NordFX, you can invest in bitcoin with as little as $150. And this even though at the end of July 2020 its price has risen to $ 11,000!

All in all, NordFX allows you to make transactions with 11 top cryptocurrencies, and all under the same super profitable conditions. So, for a trade with ethereum only $15 is enough, EOS – $0.3, and an investment in 1 ripple will cost only 2 American cents!

What does the NordFX brokerage company offer and how does it differ from conventional crypto exchanges?

■ The services that NordFX offers to its customers are called by some a technological breakthrough and a real revolution in crypto trading. The broker considers them to be just another step in introducing advanced IT technologies into crypto trading that have already been tested in traditional financial markets.

NordFX experts have thoroughly analyzed the claims made by traders and investors to crypto exchanges and found a solution devoid of most of their shortcomings.

■ You can invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for any period – week, month, year, 10 or 100 years, and you can actively trade them, making transactions every minute if you wish.

■ You can profit both on buying and selling cryptocurrencies, depending on the current situation. So even if their price drops to zero can make you a huge profit.

At the same time, selling cryptocurrency (opening a short position), you do not need to have coins themselves at all. This is possible thanks to the use of CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading, which has long been used in trading in the stock market, Forex and the commodity market.

■ Thanks to margin trading (a loan that NordFX provides you instantly automatically and without any collateral), you can open trades or invest in cryptocurrencies at a price 50-70 times lower than the market price. Thus, to open a trade of 1 bitcoin, you need only $150, for a trade of 1 ethereum – only $15, and in 1 ripple – $0.02 (see table below):

How to Buy Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum

■ The minimum deposit at NordFX is only $10. Deposits in USD, bitcoins and ethereums, at your choice. For customers from Vietnam, it is possible to top up the account in Vietnamese dong through Ngan Luong instantly and without commission.

■ Unique reliability and safety of customer funds. NordFX provides confident and efficient trading thanks to stable operation of servers and platforms, as well as secure data transmission thanks to Advanced Security technology.

The company has extensive experience in preventing hacker attacks. In 12 years of operation, unlike crypto exchanges, there has not been a single hacking and not a single penny of customer funds has been lost either.

■ Cryptocurrencies are traded at NordFX 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

■ 24/5 support service, including in Vietnamese. It has been awarded Forex Expo Award – 2016 as Best Customer Service 

Becoming a NordFX client: who are you dealing with?

NordFX is an international brokerage company with more than 10 years of successful work in financial markets. The number of accounts opened with the company by clients from almost 190 countries exceeds 1,250,000 as of today.

Since 2008, NordFX has been awarded more than 50 prestigious professional awards, including 5 awards for outstanding achievements in crypto trading:

Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2019 (Fxdailyinfo Awards)

Best Crypto 2018 Broker (MasterForex-V Expo)

Most Trusted CryptoCurrency Broker 2018 (Global Brands Awards)

Best Broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies 2018  (International Business Magazine)

Best Broker In Asia Crypto 2017 (Forex Awards Ratings).

In addition, NordFX is named Best Broker of Asia 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2019 according to the IAFT Awards, CFI.co and Forex Awards.

How to make transactions with cryptocurrency at NordFX

(detailed instructions)

  1. Registration and opening an account for cryptocurrency trading
  2. Adding funds for trading
  3. Downloading, installing, and launching the MT4 terminal
  4. Opening and closing transactions in the trading terminal
  5. Withdrawal of profits 

Registration and opening of an account

To register on the company’s website, you need to go to the main page of the website using the link https://nordfx.com/

In the top right corner, you will be asked to open an account. Press the “Open an Account” button

The registration form will open.

You can register in two ways: through social media, or by filling out the whole form.

We will look at the second option.

You need to specify in the registration form:

  1. Your name
  2. Your last name
  3. Your valid email address
  4. Your valid phone number

Then you need to select the account type from the dropdown list

How to Buy Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum

You can trade cryptocurrency on three types of accounts: Pro, Fix, Zero. You can find out the detailed account specification at https://nordfx.com/accounts.html.

Next, you need to specify the type of currency in which your deposit will be: US dollars (USD), bitcoins (BTC) or ethereums (ETH). 

And also, the leverage size from 1: 100 to 1: 1000 (although this is important for trading fiat, not cryptocurrencies):

How to Buy Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum

Below you will be prompted to automatically generate a password for you to access your personal account. Or you can specify your password, for this you need to uncheck the box and enter passwords in the form that appears. 

Then, check that you are familiar with the Client Agreement

(http://nordfx.com/client_agreement.html) and Privacy Policy

(http://nordfx.com/privacy_policy.html) and click “Open a Trading Account”.

Once you sign up, you will be shown a page with your details to log into the site’s personal area, as well as to access trading in the MT4 terminal. This information will also be sent to your email address.

The account number is your login, it consists of seven digits.

Trading password – you need it to access your account.

Phone password – it is necessary when contacting technical support.

Investor password – a password for a person who can conduct trading operations on your account (if necessary) without the ability to withdraw the earned funds.

The server is the company server on which the trading will be conducted.

This data is very important, please save it.

How to Buy Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum

Click on the Log-in page and enter your personal area on the site

Adding funds for trading

The first thing we need to do on the personal page is to top up the account. To do this, press the “Deposit” button.

In the first step we specify:

  1. Transaction Type – Deposit
  2. The source of replenishment – choose from the proposed list a convenient option for depositing funds into the account.
  3. It is necessary to specify where to deposit money: to the account of the personal cabinet, or directly to the trading account. Since we are going to trade straight away, we choose our number account from the list. Then click “Continue.”

nordfx crypto trading

In the second step, we need to specify the amount we want to deposit and click on the Add Funds button.

nordfx crypto trading

You will be redirected to the payment page, depending on the deposit method you choose.  

Once the payment is complete, the money will go into your balance.

You can find out all the details about the ways to deposit, fees and more on this page https://nordfx.com/Deposit_Withdrawal.html

If you have any difficulties, you can always ask for help in the support chat in the lower left corner of the site.

Downloading, installing, and launching the MT4 terminal

To trade, you need to download MT4 trading terminal (Windows version or mobile trading terminal (iPhone/iPad or Android). You can download it on the personal cabinet page or on the NordFX website in the “Platforms” section.

nordFX Crypto Trading

Install the downloaded terminal on your device.

Start the trading terminal.

When you first start, you need to log in to the trading terminal. Enter your registration details: login, password and server address, check the “Save account information” checkbox and press the Login button. If all went well, the No connection label in the bottom right corner of the program will change to the numbers that mean the speed of your connection.


Opening and closing transactions in the trading terminal

After successfully connecting to the trading terminal, you will have 4 charts that are most popular for trading.

You can choose the cryptocurrency pairs you need to trade by clicking the Create a New Chart button on the top control panel of the terminal. The corresponding chart will immediately appear on your screen automatically.


Take, for example, a chart with a BTC/USD trading pair (bitcoin for dollars), which we will use in trading.

To open a buy or sell transaction, we need to determine the size of the lot we will be trading and select a Sell or Buy order.


The minimum lot for trading is 0.01 bitcoin. That is, to make a transaction of this volume you need only $1.5. The maximum lot is 50 bitcoins, it will require you to make a deposit of $7,500.

We indicate the required lot size (by default, it is set to 1), and also select an order, for example, a Buy order. 

After placing an order, information about it will appear at the bottom of the trading terminal. There will be indicated the order number, the date of its opening, information at what price the order was opened, as well as the amount of your earnings. At the moment the order is opened, the earnings will always be negative, since the broker has withheld a commission (spread) from you.

To close an order and fix your profit (or loss), you need to double-click on the order you need in the list of orders and click the Close button in the window that opens. The order will be closed.


Terminal МТ4 (MetaTrader-4) is the most popular terminal in the world for trading in financial markets, it has a lot of useful functions and can be an excellent assistant for increasing your profits.

You can get more complete information on how to work with the terminal in the NordFX Learning Center https://nordfx.com/edu.html , or by clicking on the Help button on the top control panel of the terminal itself. 

Withdrawal of profits

The withdrawal of profits is made in the Personal cabinet through the same form with which the deposit was made.

Please note that if you topped up your account from your bank card, you need to go through the account verification process before withdrawing funds.

You will be required to scan your identity document and a document confirming your residence address.

You can upload the documents for the verification procedure here


nordFX Crypto Trading

To withdraw funds you need to go to this page


Since you brought the money for trading to the terminal, you need to withdraw this money from the account of the trading terminal to the account of your Personal cabinet.

To do this, select the type of transaction “Withdrawal From Terminal” in the form, select the number of the trading account from which we will withdraw funds in the “From” field.

In the second step, when the money is credited to our account in the cabinet, we withdraw the funds to your details.

Go to this page https://account.nordfx.com/account/dw/?action=witdrawal

Select the Withdrawal transaction type in the form, select the Cabinet Balance in the From field.


In the “To” field, select a convenient way to receive funds.

Please note that the deposit is withdrawn only to those details from which the deposit was replenished. Profits generated from trading operations can be withdrawn in any way convenient to you.

Detailed information on withdrawing funds is available on this page


And we remind you that if you have any difficulties or questions, our Support Service 24/5 is always at your service. We also speak Vietnamese.