secure subdomains with SSL

How to secure subdomains with SSL


One of the hardest parts of getting an SSL certificate is knowing which type is best for your site. That being said, if you’ve got a single domain and multiple subdomains linked to it, the choice is easy. You should get a Wildcard SSL. Keep on reading to find out what precisely a Wildcard SSL certificate does and why you should get one to secure your subdomains.

What is a Wildcard SSL

A Wildcard SSL certificate secures one domain and unlimited subdomains of one level connected to it. That’s right; once you install it on the server, it will automatically protect any subdomains present, without limits. This makes it an ideal option for those continually expanding their website portfolio. But what does a single-level subdomain look like? Take, for instance, It’s subdomain would be * Common uses for such a subdomain would be:

  • And so much more!

If you’re not convinced yet, read about the main benefits of a Wildcard in the next section.

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The 3 main benefits of a Wildcard SSL

So why go for a Wildcard SSL rather than securing each subdomain individually? There are several reasons for this, most coming down to convenience and cost. We’ve broken them down into three key benefits.

  1. Secures future subdomains: The great thing about a Wildcard is that the subdomains it secures don’t even have to exist yet. When you create more, the SSL will automatically encrypt it, without you having to mess around with SSL reissuance or renewing. When you get one of these bad boys, you’re not only keeping current subdomains safe, but also great ideas you come up with down the line.
  2. Easy to track: Which do you think is easier to remember ⁠— scores of varying expiration dates for individual certificates or a single one? If you voted for the latter, you’d be correct.
  3. More affordable: Often, Wildcard SSLs are the most cost-effective SSL option, particularly the more subdomains you have.

Wrap up

When it comes to securing multiple subdomains, Wildcard SSL certificates are a no-brainer. If you want your sites to have a good reputation and be trusted by popular applications and web browsers, get yours sooner rather than later.