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How To Use Discounts To Target Customer Segments?


Everyone loves a good discount! And whether you’re shopping for the hottest fashion or looking for good deals on travel, then you’ll find the following discounts hard to beat. Here are the coolest promos for fashion, electronics, home and kitchen, food, travel, health, and web hosting and domain. 


From the trendiest fashion to the most functional wardrobe, you will be able to find cool coupons and special deals for style and fashion accessories. You’ll find the latest deals for outdoor wear, summer outfits, footwear, jewelry, makeup, and various sports accessories. 

Take note that there are new arrivals season after season, so you can’t miss any of these deals. Just a few of the top coupon deals online are the following: 

  • Target 20% Off on Baby and kid’s fashion 
  • ZAFUL  60% Off for Women’s Swimming Outfits, a buy one get one offer
  • Fusion Beauty 10% Off on Fusion Beauty Plump & Shine Lipfusion Lip Stick


Are you getting a new mobile phone? Looking for a larger TV to go with your new home theater system? You don’t need to spend more on consumer electronic products when you have the latest coupons. You’ll find amazing discounts for electronics today.

  • Appliances Connection 50% Off on home appliances and various home products
  • Audioengine 20% Off on home music appliances or audio equipment
  • Levoit $40 Off on air purifiers for home use, with free shipping
  • Bissell 40% Off  on the Bissell Jet Scrub Pete Carpet Cleaner Upright Vacuum
  • LifePro $20 Off on the LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine

Home & Kitchen

Are you looking for promos or equipment deals? How about the latest in home furnishings or home décor? You don’t have to pay so much to have an upgrade this year. With the latest home and kitchen coupons, you’ll have that dream home in no time. 

  • ZAFUL save $60, $90 or $120 with the ZAFUL VIP Day 2020 promo code
  • Purple 60% Off on Mattresses for Father’s Day 2020 when you order at Amazon.
  • Olee Sleep 25% Off on bed pillows when you order at Amazon.
  • Tuft & Needle special deals on metal base bed frames when you order a full mattress
  • Zoro 50% Off on Vestil Products. There’s no code required for this promo.
  • Ohana Wicker Furniture up to 50 to 70% off on Wicker Patio Discounts.


You must be dreaming of traveling locally or planning on a much-needed vacation abroad. You don’t need to save all year from traveling, shopping, or dine at the best places. These are the hottest travel coupons that you should be using this year. 

  • Coolife Luggage 40% Off on 3-Piece Sets and 30% Off on expandable suitcases
  • Zinus easily assemble locking metal bunk beds, quick-locking metal beds.
  • Bestpresso 60% Off on personalized gift items
  • Target $20 off on travel items


Whether you’re looking for gourmet food items or searching for cooking tutorials or lessons, you’ll find the best deals online. Here are special coupons for all things food online; you’ll save as much as 20 to 30% off on magazines, cooking accessories, baking items, and more. 

  • ZAFUL save $60, $90 or $120 with the ZAFUL VIP Day 2020 promo code
  • SAF up to 20% Instant Yeast, 1-pound yeast coupons in packs of 4, 10% on the world’s best-selling baking yeast
  • Target’s Special President’s Day Promo 2020, all food items, and food-related items on sale.
  • Amazon Happy Holiday Deal 2020 with food and food-related items included
  • Bestpresso 60% coupons for men and women.
  • Coleman Shelter promos with new arrivals for 2020, up to 70% off on the latest Coleman collections


Keep your family’s health first with vitamins, supplements, fitness products, and health monitoring products. Unfortunately, the price of health products is becoming more expensive. You need to pay more to stay healthy and to prevent illness. Check out Coupon Lawn promo and other top discount codes will surely help you out.

  • Medex Supply up to 50% off on any COVID -19 products like masks, gloves, disinfectants, and more.
  • Medex Supply 50% off on disposable gloves
  • Medex Supply 50% off on all infection control supplies
  • American White Cross get up to 30% off on plastic sterile adhesive strips
  • AliMed 30% off on AlilLite Lateral Positioner
  • Contec up to 30% on automatic blood pressure apparatus and up to 40% on health care products
  • Abyclean up to 30% off on anal douches and vaginal douches, earwax cleaners, silicone enema kits, and more.
  • 3M up to 30% off for disposable protective coveralls and soft surgical tapes and 20% off on Tegaderm Film dressings.

Web Hosting & Domain

Are you ready to start your website? There’s no need to pay so much web hosting, cloud servers, VPS servers, and more. These coupons will surely seal the deal. 

  • Yahoo! Up to 50% off on Web Hosting for small businesses. This is a subscription for a year. 
  • Whux 50% off on web hosting for UK cloud servers and 50% off on UK VPS servers.
  • Inter Server 10 Gbps server with discount deals this 2020

You’ll get the best deals when you use promo codes and coupons this year. Please take note that all coupons and special deals expire. Read coupon instructions carefully and check for coupon expiry before use.