sms marketing best practices

How SMS Marketing Best Practices helps you Market your Business


Another advertising message is waiting for you in the inbox section. This is an easy way to get to your customers without any SEO hassle or going online. It’s just a message which is a great marketing tool. People always have their cell phones in their hands so it is literally impossible for them to not come across that message! But why must you choose SMS Marketing for your brand?

It’s way more direct!

Contrary to other marketing methods, SMS marketing is a direct and more effective method to reach your audience. The chance that your intended audience would get to your message is as high as 97 per cent. Your target audience can be reached within 15-20 minutes. Almost 45 per cent of SMS marketing methods produce an effective ROI as compared to other channels.

Smartphones are Here to Stay

These days marketing is being done with a click of just one button. You need to stay connected through smartphones. People prefer mobile phones for browsing and social media, shopping and even transport. Social media platforms is another reason why people can’t stop clinging to their phones 24/7.

Use it as your supporting campaign

When a company runs an SMS marketing campaign; it doesn’t mean that other methods quickly become obsolete. Just take your marketing ante a bit higher and integrate SMS marketing tools with conventional marketing methods. It plays a  supporting role along with your major campaigns. For example, if you are running ads on social and electronic media, SMS marketing can be that catalyst that you are looking for. People recognize your brand through the ad and will be more responsive through the SMS marketing campaign. Push your audience to look at your new campaign via SMS that runs on mainstream media.

Get customer feedback. Capitalize on it!

Customer response gives an idea of your methods. Don’t just sit and wait. Use SMS marketing as your feedback channel. About  31 % of the target audiences will get back to you. The good thing about the whole practice is the response time which is usually 5 minutes. Get some surprising results about your campaigns in a very short interval.

Track feedback and save up big time!

The customer engagement and target audiences that are interested in your campaign have to be monitored to generate effective ROI. Just tracking it will give you the right idea. SMS delivery is tracked to make sure that it has reached the right audience. It’s a popular opinion that SMS campaigns can not be tracked like emails. But, it is possible by monitoring delivery rates.

Building SMS based analytics is really helpful. You build a profile based on the audiences that are most interested and least interested. It’s an effective way to target customers who get back to you more often. It makes the campaign cost-effective and improves the ROIs as well. In later stages, the company can target those audiences via emails and other methods.

Enjoy a wide range of flexibility through SMS marketing

One of the best features of SMS marketing is that it is flexible and customer-friendly with a wide range of content options. You can compare and incorporate different deals and offers to gain the attention of the customers to promote your product.

Successful businesses who want to market a new product in the market give catchy discounts and waivers and add some exciting new packages. This is all possible through text messages. Having an effective SMS marketing campaign backing your product is a very seamless way of promotion.

Getting texts, again and again, bugs everyone so there are a few things according to accountants in London that you need to keep in mind in order to have successful messaging marketing. After all, you don’t want people bad-mouthing your marketing strategies, or do you? Here are some SMS marketing best practices that’ll help you out in the long run

Consent is Important

Yes, you need to have people’s permission before sending them messages otherwise your company might just get a bad name. Now you wouldn’t want that.  Would you? How to achieve permission?  The simplest way is getting them to subscribe! Customers are happy with the updates and while you get a chance to advertise in the most convenient way. It’s also one of the most effective methods.

No Beating Behind the Bush

This is no surprise birthday party that you have to keep a hidden secret from your actual target. So, be clear with your messages. Vague messages will not create the hype but instead would just frustrate the customers from unsubscribing. So, make sure it is short and straight to the point.

Don’t Be There 24/7

The worst thing you can do is keep messaging during odd timings. Set a time limit and do not message before or after that. The worst is early morning messages that wake you up and late-night texts if you want to unwind. But your phone would not stop ringing from advertisement messages. So, pick your time wisely or else prepare yourself for a lot of unsubscribers.

What Are You Bringing To The Table?

Don’t just message to remind the world you exist. Make those messages more than just reminders and make them valuable, every text you send out should give out a valuable note.

SMS showcasing administrations need to give an option to quit receiving the messages. This ought to be a default part of your auto-answer. It shouldn’t be in each text you send. However, it’s essential to remind clients that they don’t have to be barraged if they would prefer not to. The subscribers don’t have to feel imposed. Again, any marketing method only works if you’re feeding the customers what they really want to be fed. If you’re giving them the information they don’t want, they’ll probably get bored. Continuously bombarding their inboxes of the relevant messages might also put them off a particular product or service. So make sure you’re consenting and keeping your list really niche specific.