Optimize Your Website for Top Rankings

How to Optimize Your Website for Top Rankings & business growth


When a person steps into the shoes of an entrepreneur, the first thing they want to do is, make something so efficient that it quickly reaches their target audience. However, in most of the cases, budding entrepreneurs keep their focus on the product or service and completely forget about the right optimization techniques for their website. If you want to rank first on a search page, you need to know about Web design and SEO of your website.

What is SEO Web Design?

Designing and developing SEO friendly websites is known as SEO Web Design. Even though SEO and Web Design are two different aspects and need additional skills, they can work together and help you.

To create a tremendous impact on your new business ideas, you have to go for both the options.

Here are the factors for optimizing your site:

1. The Code Factor:

When it comes to using a code, designers have many options to render the elements on your site.

Never go for flash sites as they might look cool but optimizing them is a task. They don’t rank well in search engines. Try sticking to HTML and CSS. Get a look at how these things work on and check out web design Frederick MD services.

2. Mobile Friendly:

This is the smartphone age, and everyone above 12, owns one. Create a better UX design for your website so that it is easily accessible on the phone as well. Mobile-friendliness is also a ranking factor on Google.

Pro tip: Go for a Responsive Design.

3. Readability:

Fonts and size play a significant role in designing your website. The ideal font should be readable and of considerate size. While designing, ask your designer to leave enough space for the writers to put in their SEO optimized content, as a lot of it is needed.

4. Navigation:

The one constant thing you will keep on hearing about the websites is how difficult or easy it is to navigate through them. So, keeping that in mind, make sure your website is not very complicated, and a user journey is as seamless as possible. If your site is easy to navigate, there will be more conversions.

5. File Size:

While larger sized images may look good, your designer needs to pick images that are small yet clear. Large files will slow down the loading speed of your site, creating a bad user experience. This also leads to an increase in bounce rates.

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How to practice SEO web design in your business?

It is essential to ensure that your web design and SEO practices are aligned with each other. A designer and an SEO expert should be put together at the same time to work on your website.

Take the inputs from both of them at the earlier stages of setting up the site. This will help with putting up a site architecture that gives the opportunity of making it SEO friendly.

We advise you to hire an internet marketing agency that has a team of experts taking care of your website needs. For perfection, it is always recommended to seek the expertise of a professional.

SEO and Web Design are complex in their ways. While one can work without another, they are incomplete without each other. We hope this article was able to provide you with some clarity about these trending topics.