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Tata AIG vs Royal Sundaram: Which is Best Bike Insurance Providers in India

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Last Updated on 05/01/2024 by Pardeep Garg

With several two-wheeler insurance companies operating in the market, choosing the best bike insurance policy that meets your requirement becomes a herculean task. And, many just to avoid confusion prefer to continue with the previous insurer or depend on the wisdom of other people.

With easily available information on the insurer’s website and comparison websites, getting the best two-wheeler insurance in India is now relatively easier. And, many newly launched FinTech companies have also made the process effortless and straightforward.

However, in the business of insurance, people like to put their trust in the leading two-wheeler insurance companies, having an excellent track record of claim settlement and service. Therefore, in this edition, we will compare India’s two such leading bike insurance companies, Tata AIG and Royal Sundaram.


Tata AIG is a joint venture between Tata Group and American multinational, AIG and commenced its services on January 22, 2001. In India, Tata is a name synonymous with trust and confidence.

With its six core values- people, empathy, passion, integrity, performance and customer-first approach, it delivers innovative risk solutions and offers complete peace of mind to its customers.

Royal Sundaram is the first private general insurance company of India and is a joint venture by Sundaram Finance. The group has one of the highest claim settlement ratios in the insurance sector and offers its services to over 4.5 million customers across India.

With both companies offering similar services and leaders in the general insurance sector, let’s look at other metrics that will help you to choose between the two.

Claim Settlement Ratio

It is one of the most important metrics in the insurance sector and tells about the percentage of claims settled by the insurance company during a financial year.

The claim settlement ratio for two-wheeler insurance of both the insurers as per the data published by the Insurance Brokers Association of India or IBAI for 2019:

Tata AIG 85.99%
Royal Sundaram 86.79%

Insurer’s Service Network

The service network is very important for providing seamless services to customers and allows policyholders to file for claims, renew or buy two-wheeler insurance policies without hassle.

Tata AIG Royal Sundaram
Branch Offices 152 156
Cashless Garages 5000+ 3300+

In terms of physical presence through branch offices, both Tata AIG and Royal Sundaram stand equal, but in terms of the network of cashless garages, Tata AIG has more number of cashless garages, which is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a two-wheeler insurance policy.

`Just like cashless hospitalization, you can service and repair your two-wheeler for accidental damages without paying any money at any of the insurer’s cashless garage network.

Types of Add-on Covers

Add on covers helps you to take additional coverage for the insured vehicle as well as owner-driver. It helps to enhance your basic two-wheeler insurance policy. The following are the list of add-on covers provided by both the insurers.

Add-on Cover
Tata AIG ●       Depreciation Allowance

●       Return to Invoice

●       Consumable Expenses

●       Emergency Medical Expenses

●       Additional Personal Accident Cover to Owner Driver

●       Additional Third Party Damages Cover

●       Additional Personal Accident Cover to Unnamed Person

Royal Sundaram ●       Pillion Rider Cover

Tata AIG offers an extensive range of add-on cover to policyholders and lets you minimize the risks involved and strengthen the policy coverage.

Other Benefits

Both insurers offer a host of other benefits to policyholders on their two-wheeler insurance policy. Let’s check out some of them.

Benefits Offered
Tata AIG ●        Pre-declared depreciation slab

●        No hidden condition or illegible fine prints

●        Transparent and quick processes

●        Self-service options

●        Personal Accident Cover of Rs 15 lakhs

Royal Sundaram ●        Can buy insurance cover for one, two or three years

●        Protection of No-claim Bonus up to one claim

●        Protection from inflation for third-party premium

●        Personal Accident Cover of Rs 15 lakh

Summing Up!

Both Tata AIG and Royal Sundaram offer extensive coverage for the two-wheeler insurance policy; however, Tata AIG stands way ahead in terms of offerings. With unique add-ons for extra protection to a large network of cashless garages, Tata AIG’s two-wheeler insurance policies create a safety bubble around you to keep you safe when riding.

Before buying bike insurance in India, use the insurance premium calculator available at the insurer’s website to determine the premium amount and also check the insurance cost after including the add-ons. Read the policy document carefully, inclusions, exclusions and the customer review before choosing one. By going through all the details, you will know whether the policy cover suits you or not and also saves you from future troubles.

Always take the right policy coverage like going for a comprehensive policy, which includes both own damage and third-party liability. Underinsurance or insufficient insurance cover is not ideal for any person. Initially, it saves money in the form of a lower premium amount, but in case of any unfortunate event, it increases your financial hardships. Therefore, consider all the factors before buying two-wheeler insurance.