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10 Best Investment Blogs in India to follow 2024

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Last Updated on 25/12/2023 by Deepak Singla

We all want to invest something for our future – right? 

However, you might not know how, where, and when to invest. As per a survey conducted by Standard & Poors, more than 76% of the Indian population is financially illiterate

So, you see that Indians, with poor knowledge of finance, rather go through a hard time, when it comes to investing wisely. On the other hand, some people do have the basic financial knowledge but feel uncomfortable with stock markets and mutual funds and so prefer not investing in them. Don’t worry because there are plenty of stock market blogs and other such investment blogs in India to help you out.

If you want to invest money on a mutual fund investment platform, then you would need to gather details about the same. Rather than simply exploring information about the investment, you can go through some good investment blogs. You will also find blogs devoted to a single section like stock market blogs, mutual fund blogs, and so on. 

Taking advice from financial people about investment might be one of the best things to do, but still reading investment blogs is the best way to gain financial knowledge in India. There are limitless investment blogs to read and amongst those, you need to follow the blogs that offer the kind of information you want to know. 

We cannot blatantly state that all the investment blogs are productive and good. In fact, there are blogs that might share unnecessary information. So, it is your responsibility to choose the best investment blog to know more about the investment and its major components.

To help you with the same, we have listed down the top 12 Best investment blogs in India that you must follow to gain a better financial insight:

List of Top 12 Best Investment Blogs in India

  1. PaisaBazaar
  2. Moneycontrol
  3. Get Money Rich
  4. Safal Niveshak
  5. Good Returns Money
  6. Value Research Online
  7. Jago Investor
  9. Money Excel
  11. Investment Pedia

To keep you informed about top ten investment mutual funds blogs in India, I have explained the following blogs.

1. PaisaBazaar

Founded by: Naveen Kukreja and Yashish Dahiya

Year of foundation: 2011

If you want to do best investment, then you need to visit the paisabazaar blog. It is a blog where biggest
financial bloggers, financial service professionals and common individuals come together to pen their
ideas, thoughts about personal finance. The paisabazaar gets hold of everything that one needs to know
about personal finance, money management apps, and investments. With no doubts, it is reckoned as one of
the crucial personal finance blogs that you should keep reading.

2. Moneycontrol

Founded by: Sangeeta Fernandez

Year of Foundation: 1999

This is another blog where you can get more information about mutual funds performance, ranking,
mutual funds schemes, mutual funds losers and gainers and more. The outside parties of the blog as
well share their thoughts about mutual funds on this blog. You can make the best investment plan with
the assistance of the information provided on the blog.

3. Get Money Rich

Founded by: Manish Choudhury

Year of Foundation: 2008

It is one of the famous personal finance blogs, which shares information on stock market, mutual funds,
personal finance, best sip plans and investments. Not just a niche, you are going to know about four different niches
with reading this blog. This is also a content rich blog that will keep you informed all about private

4. Safal Niveshak

Founded by: Vishal Khandelwal

Year of Foundation: 2011

Safal Niveshak teaches you simple ideas on value investing in India. This could also be known as a stock market blog for the comprehensive stock spreadsheet they regularly provide. Besides, they also provide several e-books on investing. You can also do several finance-related courses here and become a master of financial management.

5. Good Returns

This is one of the go-to finance sites as you will get all-round financial knowledge and updates at a single site. From gold rates, personal finance, mutual funds to even petrol prices, you’ll find it all here. They have the latest finance news waiting for you along with insightful information on several finance niches like stocks, banking, fuel, currency, and whatnot.

6. Value Research Online

Founded by: Manish Choudhury

Year of Foundation: 2008

If your goal is to do investment on mutual funds, then you have to read this blog for sure. By reading the
blog, you will get to know about various mutual fund schemes and its return on investments. The best
part about this blog is that, you can find its personal ranking on mutual fund schemes starting from 1
star to five star.

7. Jago Investor

Founded by: Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai

Year of Foundation: 2008

This is one of the interesting personal finance blogs, started in the year 2008. In this blog, you can able
to find some interesting and useful information on mutual funds, financial planning, tax saving and


Founded by: Dr. M. Pattabiraman

Year of Foundation: 2012

If you want to know insights to various personal financing options including mutual funds, then you
should start reading this blog. This blog and its information will be helpful for both beginners and
experienced investors. The information shared in the blog will make you advanced in your investment.

9. Money Excel

Founded by: Raviraj Parekh

Year of Foundation: 2010

Raviraj is the founder of the above blog. This blog has been listed on the top personal finance blogs.
This blog will let you know all about financial planning, money management, tax saving investments and
more. This blog will definitely help you achieve the excellence for money.


Founded by: Sreekanth Reddy

It is a place, where you could know about mutual funds and personal finance in detail. The founder of
the blog, Mr.Sreekanth Reddy focuses both on mutual funds and personal finance articles. His articles
are unique and informative. This blog will help you know what you want to know about personal finance
and investment.

11. Investment Pedia

Here, you could able to know about finance information and news. It is one of the Indian based personal
finance blogs running with more than 5000 monthly visits. More than 15 writers are contributing to this
blog all over the world. It is listed in top finance blogs for its unique and useful information on personal
finance and mutual funds.


Founded by: Pawan Kumar Agarwal

Year of Foundation: 2003

Mutual funds were the initial focus of this blog, but now, it is started to focus on personal finance too.
Pavan Agarwal is the founder of this blog. The articles listed in this blog are really educative and easy to
grab the information. In this investment blog, you could address various articles on mutual funds for
beginners, mutual funds for retirement planning, mutual funds for child education, investments and
more. By reading all these things, you can become a better investor.


The investment blogs explained above are our picks for the slots of the top ten investment mutual fund blogs in India.  You should keep reading these to know more about personal finance and investments in India. You could read these blogs either daily or weekly, as per your leisure hours and requirements. Regular visits to the blog will keep you informed about a plethora of details on investment. 

And once you get a bit of knowledge of how things work in the finance sector, you would not need to ask anyone about investments. Rather, you would be giving financial advice to others. Let us know your thoughts about the same and tell us if we missed something.

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