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Last Updated on 21/02/2019 by Deepak Singla

Car protection deals it is a kind of insurance you pay for your vehicle in order to get future benefits in case of any kind of accident or any kind of physical damage to the vehicle. It can be said that it is basically a financial protection for your future benefit. The benefits that insurances of the car provides basically vehicle damage insurance, other’s property damage insurance in-case of your fault and significantly your and third party’s medical cost in case of an accident where you stand in no-fault state.

There are many countries that got a policy stating that the owner of all vehicles must have car cover in order to get a car owned. Likewise in Dubai it is a necessity and a must to own insurance. Because there are more than 200 nationals living in Dubai who use different vehicles and apply different kind of attitude on roads which can cause severe accident and in such cases fine payments in Dubai are intensely high as if you won’t be having car assurance you will need to pay near 200,000 AED to 500,000 AED as blood money to the deceased family, from your very own pocket at once and if you’ll not be able to pay so, then you will have to face imprisonment, frightening isn’t it? Not anymore we got the solution to your problems. If you are living in Dubai and owning a car you defiantly need to get vehicle insurance and we know what’s best for you and your future.

Are you new to the world of motor insurance, new as a car owner in Dubai, or need a car indemnity? Then you must be so confused that which insurance broker in Dubai should you choose and what quotes on car protection deals will best suit you. Some of insurance companies in Dubai have all the solutions to your problems. Either you are looking for cheap rates or any kind of discounts we will guide you through all the process and everything you need. You must know that there are basically two kind of vehicle insurance you can own in Dubai:

Comprehensive Insurance:

Comprehensive car insurance covers and guarantees all kind of damages and lose that your car suffers during any accident or natural calamities. It also covers the liabilities you own to third party due to any kind of accident where you stand at-fault.

 Third Party Insurance:

Third party motor insurance is mandatory in Dubai, as it is considered the basic type of vehicle insurance because this covers all the liabilities you will own to third party in case of any accident. This insurance policy also covers the blood money in case you kill or injure the third party driver or passengers.

We now present you all kind of mesmerizing solutions for your vehicle insurance problems. Now, you don’t need to worry about car, its insurance and there hectic details or their high rates because it’s our duty, all you should do is live a peaceful life behind the wheel. We offer you some premium offers that will fulfill all your demands with a lot of benefits. At Unitrust we just ask your budget, age and your past record of driving and offer you all kinds of car insurance solution and quotes available in Dubai as per your requirements with your balance budget then it’s up to you to choose the best one. We assure you that the companies we recommend fulfill all your demands and these companies are completely trustworthy.

All you need to do is contact us at ANIB and we will recommend the list of vehicle insurance companies that will offer you perfect packages according to your demands without harming your budget. You can also tailor your car security policies as well with you as per our recommendations and guidelines. Get your problems solved, receive affordable quotes for car insurance and get your perfect solutions for your car insurance problem; we are here only to help you.


Getting car insurance in Dubai is no more a problem now offer our service for your help in choosing the best suited car insurance company and policy according to your budget.